37th DPS Meeting, 4-9 September 2005
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 7. Asteroids II

Oral, Chairs: D. Richardson, A. Milani, Monday, September 5, 2005, 2:00-3:50pm, Law LG19

7.01 New visual and infrared observations of Near-Earth Asteroids in cometary-like orbits
S.C. Lowry, A. Fitzsimmons (Queen's University Belfast)
7.02 21 Lutetia and other M-types: Their sizes, albedos, and thermal properties from new IRTF measurements
M. Mueller, A.W. Harris (DLR Berlin), M. Delbo (INAF Torino), MIRSI Team
7.03 Update on Asteroid Density and Porosity
D. T. Britt (University of Central Florida), G. J. Consolmagno (Vatican Observatory), W.J. Merline (SwRI)
7.04 Compositions of Binary Near-Earth Objects: Implications for the Internal Structure of Their Parent Bodies
P. A. Abell (Planetary Astronomy Group, NASA Johnson Space Center), M. J. Gaffey, P. S. Hardersen (Space Studies, Univ. of North Dakota), F. Vilas, K. S. Jarvis (Planetary Astronomy Group, NASA Johnson Space Center), R. R. Landis (Mission Operations, NASA Johnson Space Center)
7.05 Peculiar Betulia Re-visited: A Near-Earth Asteroid with a Bare-Rock Surface?
A. W. Harris, M. Mueller (DLR, Berlin), M. Delbo (Obs. Turin), S. J. Bus (Univ. Hawaii, Hilo)
7.06 Space Weathering of Dark Asteroids
L.V. Moroz (Inst. of Planetology, Univ. of Muenster; Inst. of Planetary Research, DLR, Berlin)
7.07 A Long-Term Radar Survey of M-Class Asteroids
M.K. Shepard (Bloomsburg University), B.E. Clark (Ithaca College), L.A.M. Benner, J.D. Giorgini (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), E.S. Howell (Arecibo Observatory, NAIC), C. Magri (University of Maine, Farmington), M.C. Nolan (Arecibo Observatory, NAIC), S.J. Ostro (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
7.08 Thermal Properties of Spitzer Space Telescope Calibration Asteroids
B. Bhattacharya, D. Fadda, A. Noriega-Crespo (Spitzer Science Center, Caltech), J. Stansberry, M. Blaylock (Steward Observatory, Univ. of Az)
7.09 Ongoing results of SINEO (Spectroscopic Investigation of Near Earth Objects) survey.
M. Lazzarin, S. Marchi, S. Magrin, S. Danese (Astronomy Dept. Padova Univ.)
7.10 Thermal Infrared (8-13 micron) Spectra of the NEA 2100 Ra-Shalom
L. F. Lim (NASA/GSFC), J. P. Emery (SETI Institute), T. H. McConnochie (Cornell University)
7.11 Multiple-Scattering Modeling for Asteroid Photometric and Polarimetric Phase Effects
K. Muinonen (Observatory, Univ. Helsinki, Finland)

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