37th DPS Meeting, 4-9 September 2005
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 66. Planetary Rings III

Oral, Chairs: E. Marouf, M. Tiscareno, Friday, September 9, 2005, 2:00-3:30pm, Music Concert Hall

66.01 Cassini Imaging of Noncircular Features in Saturn's Rings
J. N. Spitale, C. C. Porco, E. Baker (CICLOPS/SSI), M. Tiscareno, J.A. Burns (Cornell)
66.02 Cassini's discoveries in the D and G rings
M.M. Hedman, J.A. Burns, M.S. Tiscareno, P.D. Nicholson (Cornell), M.R. Showalter (Stanford), J.N. Cuzzi (NASA Ames), C.C. Porco (SSI), Cassini Imaging Team
66.03 UV Reflectance of Saturn’s Rings from the Cassini UVIS
H. J. Tollerud, J. E. Colwell, L. W. Esposito (LASP, Univ. of Colorado)
66.04 Dust Fluxes and Mass Distribution of Dust Particles at Saturn E Ring from the HRD Instrument on the Cassini Mission.
T. E. Economou, A.J. Tuzzolino ()
66.05 Electro-static potential of E ring particles
S. Kempf, R. Srama (MPI fur Kernphysik, Germany), M. Horanyi (LASP Boulder, USA), CDA Science Team
66.06 Radiative Evolution of Flash Impact Plumes in Saturn's Rings
L.S. Chambers (UC Santa Cruz), J.N. Cuzzi (NASA Ames), E. Asphaug (UC Santa Cruz)
66.07 Photometric modeling of Saturn ring's opposition effect: extracting the mutual shadowing contribution from HST observations
H. Salo (Univ. Oulu), R. G. French, C. McGhee (Wellesley C.), L. Dones (SwRI)
66.08 HST Observations of the Opposition Effect in Saturn's Rings
R. G. French (Wellesley College), L. Dones (SwRI), H. Salo (U. Oulu), C. A. McGhee (Wellesley College), A. Verbiscer (U. Virginia)
66.09 The Rings of Neptune and Uranus in the Hubble Space Telescope
M. R. Showalter (SETI Institute), J. J. Lissauer (NASA Ames), I. de Pater (U. C. Berkeley)

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