37th DPS Meeting, 4-9 September 2005
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 60. Planetary Magnetospheres

Poster, Thursday, September 8, 2005, 6:00-7:15pm, Music Foyer

60.01 Initial Cassini Observations of the Shape of Saturn's Magnetopause
N. Achilleos, C. S. Arridge, C. Bertucci, M. K. Dougherty (Imperial College), K. K. Khurana (UCLA)
60.02 Saturn's Magnetospheric Engine: Force balance In The Magnetodisc
C.S. Arridge (The Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College London, UK), C.T. Russell, K.K. Khurana (Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, UCLA, USA), M.K. Dougherty (The Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College London, UK), J.S. Leisner (Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, UCLA, USA)
60.03 Plasma Near Saturn's Rings and Electrons Near Titan
A.J. Coates (MSSL-UCL, UK), F. Crary, D.T. Young (SwRI), R.L. Tokar (LANL), H.J. McAndrews, A.M. Rymer (MSSL-UCL, UK), R.E. Johnson (U.Virginia)
60.04 Chandra X-ray Observatory Observations of the Jovian System
R. F. Elsner (NASA MSFC), A. Bhardwaj (NRC-MSFC), R. Gladstone (SwRI), J. H. Waite (U. Mich.), T. Cravens (U. Kansas), P. Ford (MIT), G. Branduardi-Raymont, G. Ramsay (MSSL), B. D. Ramsey (NASA MSFC)
60.05 Spectral Analysis of HST-STIS Observations of Jovian UV Auroral Emissions
G. R. Gladstone (SwRI), J.-C. Gérard, J. Gustin, D. Grodent (U. Liége), J. T. Clarke (Boston U.)
60.06 Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of Saturn: Determination of Auroral characteristics with FUSE, STIS and UVIS Spectra
J. Gustin, J.-C. Gerard (LPAP - ULg), P. D. Feldman (JHU), W. R. Pryor (CAC), J. Ajello (JPL)
60.07 Preliminary Methane Exosphere Densities at Titan Derived from CH4+ Pickup Ions Observed by CAPS
R. E. Hartle, E. C. Sittler (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), F. M. Neubauer (University of Koln), R. E. Johnson (University of Virginia), F. Crary, D. J. McComas, D. T. Young (Southwest Research Institute), A. J. Coates (Mullard Space Flight Center), D. G. Simpson (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), S. Bolton (Jet Propulsion Laborartory), D. Reisenfeld (University of Montana), K. Szego (KFKI Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics), J. J. Berthelier (Centre d'Etude des Environnements Terrestre et Planetaires), A. Rymer (Mullard Space Flight Center), J. Vilppola (University of Oulu), J. T. Steinberg (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
60.08 H+ + H2 Ion-Molecule Reactions in the Ionospheres of the Outer Planets
D. L. Huestis (SRI)
60.09 Brightening of Acetylene and Ethane in the South Pole of Saturn from Ground-Based and CIRS Observations
D. E. Jennings (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), P. V. Sada (Universidad de Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico), P. N. Romani, G. L. Bjoraker, A. A. Simon-Miller (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
60.10 Saturn's Magnetospheric Engine: The Mass Loading Cycle
J. S. Leisner, C. T. Russell, K. K. Khurana (IGPP, UCLA), X. Blanco-Cano (Inst. of Geophys., UNAM, Mexico), R. J. Strangeway (IGPP, UCLA), C. S. Arridge, C. Bertucci, M. K. Dougherty (Blackett Lab., Imperial College, London, U.K.)
60.11 A Model of the Ionosphere of Saturn's Rings and its Implications
J.G. Luhmann (Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley), R.E. Johnson (University of Virginia), R.L. Tokar (Los Alamos National Laboratory), S.A. Ledvina (Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley), T.E. Cravens (University of Kansas)
60.12 Saturn's Magnetospheric Engine: The Magnetic Flux Return Cycle
C. T. Russell, J. S. Leisner, K. K. Khurana (IGPP/UCLA), W. S. Kurth (Univ. of Iowa), C. S. Arridge, M. K. Dougherty (Imperial College, U.K.)
60.13 Ion Temperature Control of the Io Plasma Torus
N.M Schneider, S.J. Robbins, P.A. Delamere (CU/LASP), A.J. Steffl (SWRI/Boulder)
60.14 Ion Source Rate within Saturn's Inner Magnetosphere: Cassini Results
E C Sittler (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center), N Andre, M Blanc (CESR), A Coates (Mullard Space Science Laboratory), R E Johnson, R A Baragiola (University of Virginia), R E Hartle (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center), D Reisenfeld (University of Montana), M Thomsen (Los Alamos National Laboratory), D Chornay (University of Maryland College Park), M Shappirio, D Simpson (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center), M Dougherty (Imperial College London), F Crary, D J McComas, D T Young (Southwest Research Institute)
60.15 Nitrogen in Saturn's Inner Magnetosphere
H. T. Smith (Univ. of Virginia), M. Shappirio, E.C. Sittler (NASA GSFC), D Reisenfeld (Univ. of Montana), R.E. Johnson, R.A. Baragiola (Univ. of Virginia), F.J. Crary, D.J. McComas, D.T. Yound (SwRI)
60.16 The Effect of Pick-up Ion Interactions on the Structure of Titan's Upper Atmosphere
M.C. Wong (JPL), R.E. Johnson (UVA)

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