37th DPS Meeting, 4-9 September 2005
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 58. Galilean Satellites

Poster, Thursday, September 8, 2005, 6:00-7:15pm, Music Recital Room

58.01 Mapping Orbits for Europa
J. Aiello (JPL/CalTech)
58.02 Velocity distribution and its spatial extent of sodium atoms originated from Io
Kazuhiro Aoi, Masato Kagitani, Hidetaka Ueto, Shoichi Okano (Planetary Plasma and Atmospheric Research Center, Tohoku University, Japan)
58.03 A GIS Database of Impact Craters on Ganymede
N. G. Barlow (NAU)
58.04 Does Grain Growth Stop Convection in the Icy Galilean Satellites?
A. C. Barr, W. B. McKinnon (Washington University in St. Louis)
58.05 Radiolytic Production of Carbonic Acid and Applications to Jupiter's Icy Satellites
R. W. Carlson (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology), K. P. Hand (Stanford University), P. A. Gerakines (University of Alabama), M. H. Moore (Goddard Space Flight Center), R. L. Hudson (Eckerd College)
58.06 Ozone Production in Irradiated Laboratory Ices Relevant to Europa and Ganymede
P.D. Cooper, M.H. Moore (NASA Goddard), R.L. Hudson (Eckerd College)
58.07 Volcanic Eruption Classification on Io and Earth from Low Spatial Resolution Remote-Sensing Data
A. G. Davies (JPL), L. P. Keszthelyi (USGS)
58.08 Folds in Europa's Icy Lithosphere: Hard to Make and Hard to Get Rid of
A. J. Dombard (Johns Hopkins U. Applied Physics Lab.), W. B. McKinnon (Washington University)
58.09 AO Observation of Io's Sodium Corona
M. Kagitani, H. Misawa, S. Okano (Planetary Plasma and Atmospheric Research Center, Tohoku University, Japan)
58.10 Impact Driven Chemistry on Europa's Surface
B. N. Khare (SETI Institute), D. NNa Mvondo (National Research Council), J. G. Borucki (NASA Ames Ames Research Center), D. P. Cruikshank (NASA Ames Research Center), W. A. Belisle (Lockheed Martin), P. Wilhite (New York University), C. P. McKay (NASA Ames Research Center)
58.11 Close-up Imaging of Sodium Escaping from Io
M. Mendillo, J.K. Wilson, S. Laurent, J. Baumgardner (BU/Center for Space Physics)
58.12 Dynamical history of Ganymede and Callisto
B. Noyelles, A. Vienne (IMCCE), LAL Team
58.13 New observations of the Natural Planetary satellites through the Natural Satellites USNO Plates Archive
D. Pascu (USNO), J.E. Arlot (IMCCE/CNRS), V. Lainey (ROB), M. Birlan (IMCCE/CNRS), V. Robert (IMCCE/IPSA)
58.14 Correlating hotspots on Io with surface features using Galileo eclipse images
J. Radebaugh, A. S. McEwen (University of Arizona)
58.15 Loki, Io: A model for the change from periodic behavior
J. A. Rathbun (Univ. of Redlands), J. R. Spencer (SwRI)
58.16 Band depths ratios of water ice absorptions as an indicator of variations in particle size of water ice on the surface of Ganymede
K. Stephan, R. Jaumann (DLR), C.A. Hibbitts, G.B. Hansen (PSI)
58.17 Io's Sodium Clouds: a Quiet Spring of 2005
J. Wilson, M. Mendillo, J. Baumgardner (BU/Center for Space Physics)

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