37th DPS Meeting, 4-9 September 2005
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 45. Titan's Atmosphere

Poster, Wednesday, September 7, 2005, 6:00-7:15pm, Music Recital Room

45.01 The 3-dimensional distribution of atmospheric haze on Titan observed using spatially-resolved infrared spectroscopy
M. Adamkovics, I. de Pater (UC Berkeley), S. G. Gibbard (LLNL), C. A. Griffith (University of Arizona)
45.02 Early Titan: Origin of nitrogen and haze through evolution of the atmospheric temperature structure.
E.Y. Adams, S.K. Atreya, W.R. Kuhn (Univ. Michigan)
45.03 A Preliminary Meteorological Interpretation of Correlated Huygens DWE and HASI Data
M. Allison (NASA/GISS), F. Ferri (CISAS G.Colombo - University of Padova), M.K. Bird (Radioastronomisches Institut - Universitat Bonn), M. Fulchignoni (LESIA - Observatoire de Paris), S.W. Asmar (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), D.H. Atkinson (University of Idaho), G. Colombatti (CISAS G.Colombo - University of Padova), G.L. Tyler (Center for Radar Astronomy - Stanford University)
45.04 Titan's lower atmosphere haze and methane profile from visible and NIR HST spectral imaging
C.M. Anderson (New Mexico State University), E.F. Young (Southwest Research Institute), N.J. Chanover (New Mexico State University), C.P. McKay (NASA/Ames Research Center)
45.05 Modeling Water Ice Clouds in Titan's 500 km Haze Layer
E. L. Barth (Southwest Research Institute), O. B. Toon (LASP/Univ. of Colorado)
45.06 First infrared and ultraviolet absolute absorption coefficient of HC5N : application to its abundance in Titan atmosphere.
Y. Benilan, T. Ferradaz, N. Fray, A. Jolly, F. Raulin (LISA), J. C. Guillemin (ENSCR), LISA Collaboration, ENSCR Collaboration
45.07 Seasonal variations of Titan's stratospheric composition in the LMD/SA Global Climate Model
A. Crespin, S. Lebonnois, F. Hourdin (LMD/IPSL, Paris, France), P. Rannou (SA/IPSL, Verrieres, France)
45.08 Titan's Oxygen compound distributions and condensate characteristics from Cassini/CIRS observations
R. de Kok, P.G.J. Irwin, N.A. Teanby, L. Fletcher, S.B. Calcutt, C. Howett, F.W. Taylor, N.E. Bowles (University of Oxford), Cassini CIRS Team
45.09 Huygens Ground Track Determination: A Comparison of DWE and DISR Results
R. Dutta-Roy, M. K. Bird (U Bonn, Germany), B. Rizk, E. A. McFarlane, M. W. Bushroe, C. See, E. Karkoschka, M. G. Tomasko (U Arizona, Tucson, USA), D. H. Atkinson (U Idaho, Moscow, USA), S. W. Asmar (JPL Pasadena, USA), DWE Team, DISR Team
45.10 Blurring in Titan's atmosphere
B. Grieger (MPI for Solar System Research), DISR Team
45.11 3D Simulations of methane convective storms on Titan's atmosphere
R Hueso, A. Sánchez-Lavega (Universidad del Paas Vasco)
45.12 Scale Analysis of Convective Activity on Titan: Is the Surface Setting the Time Scale?
A. P. Ingersoll, H. G. Roe, E. L. Schaller, M. E. Brown (Caltech)
45.13 Trapping of the Noble Gases Ar, Kr and Xe in aerosols formed by C2H2 + HCN photolysis - implications to Titan
R. Jacovi, D. Laufer, V. Dimitrov, A. Bar-Nun (Department of Geophysics and Planetary Sciences, Tel-Aviv University,)
45.14 Retrieval of the ESA Huygens Probe Entry and Descent Trajectory at Titan
B. Kazeminejad (Space Research Inst., Austria), D.H. Atkinson (University of Idaho), J.-P. Lebreton, O. Witasse, M. Perez (ESTEC), DTWG Team
45.15 Investigation of Molecules and Clouds/Haze in the Atmosphere of Titan through the Three Micron Window
S. J. Kim (Department of Astronomy and Space Science, Kyung Hee University, Korea), T. Geballe (Gemini Observatory)
45.16 Cassini UVIS Imaging of Titan
K. W. Larsen, A. I. F. Stewart, L. W. Esposito (Univ. of Colorado), R. A. West (JPL), D. E. Shemansky (USC), Cassini UVIS Team
45.17 Modeling the photochemical production of haze particles in Titan's atmosphere.
P. Lavvas (Department of Physics, University of Crete, Greece), I.M. Vardavas (Department of Physics, University of Crete, Greece and Foundation of Research and Technology, Crete, Greece), A. Coustenis (Paris Observatory, Meudon, France), D. Hatzidimitriou, I. Papamastorakis (Department of Physics, University of Crete, Greece and Foundation of Research and Technology, Crete, Greece)
45.18 Effects of Titan's Induced Magnetosphere on ENA Production
S. A. Ledvina, J. G. Luhmann (Space Sciences Lab, University of California, Berkeley), T. E. Cravens (Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, University of Kansas), J. Dandouras, P. Garnier (AE(Centre d'Etude Spatiale du Rayonnement, 9, av. du colonel Roche B.P., Toulouse,)
45.19 Remote measurement of infrared emission by ethane in Titan's stratosphere at the Huygens entry epoch
T. A. Livengood (USRA NCSEFSE), Th. Kostiuk (NASA GSFC), G. Sonnabend (NAS/NRC at NASA GSFC), J. N. Annen, K. E. Fast (NASA GSFC), A. Tokunaga (U of HI), K. Murakawa (MPIfR, Bonn), T. Hewagama (U of MD), F. Schmülling, R. Schieder (U Köln)
45.20 PPI/HASI Pressure Measurements in the Atmosphere of Titan
J.T.T. M'akinen, A.-M. Harri, T. Siili, A. Lehto, H. Kahanp'a'a, M. Genzer, G.W. Leppelmeier, J. Leinonen (Finnish Meteorological Institute)
45.21 Waves and Horizontal Structures in Titan's Thermosphere
I. C. F. Mueller-Wodarg (Imperial College London), R. V. Yelle, N. Borggren (University of Arizona), J. H. Waite (University of Michigan), INMS Science Team
45.22 Analysis of near-infrared spectra of Titan using a GCM model
A. Negrao (LESIA, Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, France; Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal), A. Coustenis (LESIA, Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, France), P. Rannou (Service d'Aeronomie, Univ. de Versailles, France), E. Lellouch (LESIA, Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, France), B. Schmitt (Laboratoire de Planetologie de Grenoble, France), J.-P. Maillard (Institut d' Astrophysique de Paris, France)
45.23 Measuring Titan's mesospheric temperatures by infrared spectroscopy
P. Penteado, C. Griffith (Lunar and Planetary Laboratory), T. Greathouse (Lunar and Planetary Institute), H. Roe (California Institute of Technology, Div. of Geologycal and Planetary Sciences), R. Yelle (Lunar and Planetary Laboratory)
45.24 On Origin of Clouds on Titan
P. Rannou, F. Montmessin, F. Hourdin, S. Lebonnois (Service d'Aeronomie)
45.25 Geographic control of Titan's mid-latitude clouds
H.G. Roe, M.E. Brown, E.L. Schaller, A.H. Bouchez (Caltech), C.A. Trujillo (Gemini Observatory)
45.26 A Tidal Explanation for the Titan Haze Layers
G. Schubert (Dept. of Earth and Space Sci. and IGPP, UCLA), R.L. Walterscheid (The Aerospace Corp. and NOAAA/NESDIS at EUMETSAT)
45.27 An experimental study on interactions between Titan tholin and H atom
Y. Sekine (Univ. of Tokyo/NASA ARC), H. Imanaka, B.N. Khare, E.L.O. Bakes (SETI Inst./NASA ARC), C.P. McKay (NASA ARC), S. Sugita, T. Matsui (Univ. of Tokyo)
45.28 On the scattering properties of fractal tholin particle
Y.V. Skorov, H.U. Keller (Max-Planck-Institut für Sonnensystemforschung), M. Tomasko, L. Doose (Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona), DISR Team
45.29 Detection of Cyanoacetylene on Titan During Southern Summer Near the Epoch of the Huygens Probe Descent
L. M. Trafton, J. H. Lacy (U. Texas), H. Roe (Caltech), M. Richter (UC Dvis)
45.30 Titan Photochemistry Based on Preliminary Cassini-Huygens Results
E.H. Wilson (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), S.K. Atreya (University of Michigan)
45.31 High Altitude, Wavelength-dependent Extinction in Titan's Atmosphere from the 2003 Nov. 14 Occultation
A. Zalucha, J. L. Elliot (MIT), A. Fitzsimmons (Queen's University Belfast), V. Dhillon (Sheffield University), T. Marsh (Warwick University), H. B. Hammel (Space Science Institute), P. Irwin (Oxford University), J. Thomas-Osip (Las Campanas), F. Taylor (Oxford University)

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