37th DPS Meeting, 4-9 September 2005
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 33. Mars' Atmosphere

Poster, Tuesday, September 6, 2005, 6:00-7:15pm, Music Recital Room

33.01 UV Dayglow Of The Martian Upper Atmosphere Observed By Spicam On Mars Express
J. Y. Chaufray, F. Leblanc, J. L. Bertaux, E. Quemerais (Service d'Aeronomie du CNRS)
33.02 Ionospheric characteristics above martian crustal magnetic anomalies
P. Withers, M. Mendillo (Boston University), H. Rishbeth (University of Southampton), D. Hinson (Stanford University), J. Arkani-Hamed (McGill University)
33.03 Characterization of the Martian Atmosphere: a 25-year Roadmap
J. Bergstralh, J. M. Zawodny (NASA Langley Research Center), R. Tolson (National Institute of Aerospace)
33.04 Reconstructing the weather on Mars at the time of MERs and Beagle 2 landing
S. R. Lewis, L. Montabone, P. L. Read (AOPP, Dept. of Physics, University of Oxford, UK), P. Withers (Center for Space Physics, Boston University, USA)
33.05 Non-LTE Effects on Mars: 15\mum CO2 Limb Temperature Retrievals by Season and Latitude
W. C. Maguire, J. C. Pearl, M. D. Smith (NASA's GSFC), B. J. Conrath (Cornell), A. A. Kutepov (NAS/NRC at GSFC and Max Planck), A. G. Feofilov (Munich), P. R. Christensen (Arizona State U.)
33.06 An HST Search for N2 emissions on Mars
J. Caldwell, S. Melnichuk (York University (Toronto)), S. K. Atreya, A.-S. Wong (University of Michigan)
33.07 Large-scale extratropical weather disturbances in Mars' southern hemisphere: Influences of the great impact basins
J.L. Hollingsworth (NASA Ames Research Center/SJSUF)
33.08 Measuring Mars' Atmospheric Neutral Density from 160 to 220km with the MGS Electron Reflectometer
R. Lillis, J. Engel, D. Mitchell, D. Brain, R. Lin (UC Berkeley), S. Bougher (University of Michigan), M. Acuna (NASA Goddard)
33.09 Principle Components Analysis of Mars at the 2003 Opposition
D. R. Klassen, T. J. Wark, C. G. Cugliotta (Rowan University)
33.10 Aerosol optical properties and optical depths derived from OMEGA-MEX Emission Phase Function observations
M. Garcia-Comas, H.U. Keller, D.V. Titov (Max-Planck-Institut für Sonnensystemforschung), A. Inada (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), L. Maltagliati (Max-Planck-Institut für Sonnensystemforschung), J.-P. Bibring (Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale, Universite de Paris), OMEGA Team
33.11 The Martian Atmosphere in the Region of Hellas basin as Observed by the Planetary Fourier Spectrometer
D. Grassi, C. Fiorenza (IFSI-INAF, Rome, Italy), N.I. Ignatiev, L.V. Zasova (IKI-RSSI, Moscow, Russia), A. Maturilli, V. Formisano (IFSI-INAF, Rome, Italy), PFS Team
33.12 Using the NASA Ames General Circulation Model to evaluate the importance of dust devils on the evolution of surface dust reservoirs on Mars
M.A. Kahre, J.R. Murphy (New Mexico State University), R.M. Haberle (NASA Ames Research Center)
33.13 Ultrahigh-resolution observations of CO2 as a probe for Mars atmospheric dynamics
M. Sornig (I. Physikalisches Institut, Univ. zu Koeln), G. Sonnabend (NASA GSFC), D. Wirtz, R. Schieder (I. Physikalisches Institut, Univ. zu Koeln)
33.14 Water In Mars Atmosphere-Regolith Model
A. Akingunola, J.C. McConnell (York University)
33.15 Methane, Oxides of Hydrogen and Carbon, and their Isotope Ratios: Significance and Measurement on NASA's 2009 Mars Science Lab (MSL) Mission
C. R. Webster (JPL), P. Mahaffy (NASA GSFC), S. Atreya (U. Michigan)
33.16 Monitoring of Integrated Aerosol Content in the Martian Atmosphere from PFS-MEX Data
G. Rinaldi (IFSI-INAF, Rome and CISAS, Univ. of Padua, Italy), V. Formisano (IFSI-INAF, Rome, Italy), N. I. Ignatiev, L. V. Zasova (IKI-RSSI, Moscow, Russia and IFSI-INAF, Rome, Italy)
33.17 Outflow Channels and Martian Climate: General Circulation Model (GCM) Simulations with Emplaced Water
D. Santiago (UC Santa Cruz), A. Colaprete, R. Haberle (NASA Ames Research Center), E. Asphaug, L. Sloan (UC Santa Cruz)
33.18 Perihelion season mesoscale circulations in the Hellas: simulations based on MGS/TES assimilated data
T. Siili, S. Järvenoja (Finnish Meteorological Institute), J. Kauhanen (University of Helsinki), S. R. Lewis, L. Montabone (Oxford University), M. Parviainen (Finnish Meteorological Institute), P. L. Read (Oxford University), H. Savijärvi (University of Helsinki)
33.19 A passive dust experiment toward a high resolution simulation of the Martian atmospheric general circulation
Y. O. Takahashi, Y.-Y. Hayashi, M. Odaka (Hokkaido University, Japan), W. Ohfuchi (Earth Simulator Center, JAMSTEC, Japan)
33.20 Ice Nucleation in the Martian Atmosphere
A. Maattanen, H. Vehkamaaki, A. Lauri (Department of Physical Sciences, University of Helsinki), S. Merikallio (Space Research, Finnish Meteorological Institute), J. Kauhanen, H. Savijaarvi, M. Kulmala (Department of Physical Sciences, University of Helsinki)
33.21 Diurnal Variation of Martian Dust Opacity
T.Z. Martin, L.K. Tamppari (JPL)
33.22 Simulation of Column Water Processes with a One Dimensional Martian Climate Model
A. Inada, M. I. Richardson (California Institute of Technology), M. A. Mischna (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), C. E. Newman (California Institute of Technology), A. D. Toigo (Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kobe Univ.), A. R. Vasavada (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
33.23 The greenhouse effect of CO2 ice cloud and climate stability on early Mars
C. Mitsuda (Hokkaido Univ.), T. Yokohata (NIES), K. Kuramoto (Hokkaido Univ.)
33.24 Planetary WRF: a Multi-Scale, Planetary, Atmospheric Model
A. Toigo (Kobe University), M. Richardson, C. Newman (California Institute of Technology)
33.25 Simulation of the distribution of chemical species on Mars using a state-of-the-art general circulation model, GM3.
Y. Moudden, J. C. McConnell, A. Akingunola (York University)
33.26 Modeling of the 3.3-\mum emissions of Methane in the Atmosphere of Mars
F. J. Martin-Torres (AS&M, Inc. -NASA Langley Research Center), M. G. Mlynczak (NASA Langley Research Center)
33.27 Description of the University of Auckland Global Mars Mesoscale Meteorological Model (GM4)
D.R. Wing, G.L. Austin (U. Auckland, New Zealand)
33.28 Inter-annual variability of Martian dust storms in assimilation of several years of Mars Global Surveyor observations
L. Montabone, S. R. Lewis, P. L. Read (AOPP, Dept. of Physics, University of Oxford, UK)
33.29 Formation of Methane in Comet Impacts on Planets*
W. M. Howard (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
33.30 Spatially Resolved Properties of Martian Aphelion Clouds from Combined MGS MOC and TES Measurements
J. L. Benson (University of Toledo), D. A. Glenar (NASA GSFC), P. B. James (University of Toledo), M. J. Wolff (Space Science Institute), M. D. Smith (NASA GSFC)
33.31 Opportunity landing site weather simulations.
J. Kauhanen (University of Helsinki, Division of Atmospheric Sciences), S. Järvenoja (Finnish Meteorological Institute), H. Savijärvi (University of Helsinki, Division of Atmospheric Sciences), T. Siili (Finnish Meteorological Institute), L. Montabone, S.R. Lewis, P.L. Read (University of Oxford, Department of Physics, AOPP), UH/FMI Mars atmospheric modelling Team, Oxford University Mars Team
33.32 New technique for parameter retrieval from Mars Global Surveyor Thermal Emission Spectrometer data
A. Elteto, O.B. Toon (U. of Colorado)
33.33 Variability in assimilated data from three years of MGS observations
P. Rogberg, S.R. Lewis, L. Montabone, P.L. Read (Dep of Physics, University of Oxford)

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