37th DPS Meeting, 4-9 September 2005
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 25. Planet and Satellite Formation

Oral, Chairs: J. Lissauer, A. Morbidelli, Tuesday, September 6, 2005, 2:00-3:50pm, Law LG19

25.01 The Role of Dynamical Friction in Terrestrial Planet Formation
H. Levison, D. Nesvorny (SwRI), C. Agnor (UCSC), A. Morbidelli (Nice Obs.)
25.02 The Final Formation of Terrestrial Planets Induced by the Sweeping Secular Resonance
M. Nagasawa (NAOJ), E. Thommes (CITA), D. N. C. Lin (UCO/Lick)
25.03 Terrestrial Planet Formation Around Close Binary Star Systems
E. V. Quintana, J. J. Lissauer (NASA Ames)
25.04 Visualizations of the Properties of a Growing Giant Planet
M. S. Rice (NASA - Ames Research Center), O. Hubickyj (UCSC, NASA - Ames Research Center)
25.05 Young Jupiters are Faint
M. Marley, J. Fortney (NASA - ARC), O. Hubickyj (UCSC)
25.06 Jupiter's Composition: Sign of a (Late) Formation in a Chemically Evolved Disk
T. Guillot (OCA), R. Hueso (Univ. Pais Vasco)
25.07 Preventing Type II Migration of Jupiter and Saturn
A. Morbidelli, A. Crida (OCA), F. Masset (CEA)
25.08 Embedded Star Clusters and the Formation of the Inner Oort Cloud
R. Brasser, M. J. Duncan (Queen's University), H. F. Levison (South-west Research Institute)
25.09 Satellite accretion during inflow to gas giant planets
R. M. Canup, Wm. R. Ward (Southwest Research Institute)
25.10 Dynamics of Inner Neptunian Satellites
K. Zhang, D. P. Hamilton (University of Maryland)
25.11 Constrants on the Orbital Evolution of Triton
M. Cuk, B. J. Gladman (Univ. British Columbia)

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