37th DPS Meeting, 4-9 September 2005
Session 47 Icy Satellites
Poster, Wednesday, September 7, 2005, 6:00-7:15pm, Music Lecture Room 5

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[47.06] The IAU Com. 20 Natural Planetary Satellites Data Base of astrometric observations

N. Emelianov (SAI/MSU), J.E. Arlot (IMCCE/CNRS)

The need of astrometric observations for the fit the dynamical models of the natural satellites appears in the 1970’s when the computers were able to analyse large sets of data. Then, theoreticians started to search for numerous data from the observers. The IAU commission 20 encouraged then the creation of a Data Center, under the responsibility of the Working Group on Natural satellites, to gather the data and make then available for the community. Today, the data center gathers near 90 existing data, available on the web site of IMCCE (Paris) with a mirror at SAI (Moscow). The Web address is: www.imcce.fr/nsdc The available data are, for the satellites of: -Mars: 4558 observations (1877-1988) -Jupiter: Galilean: 12000 observations (1891-2001); inner: 730 (1954-2000); outer: 3300 for J6 to J13 (1894-2003) and 1250 from J17 to fainters (1975-2004) -Saturn: main: 48 000 observations (1874-2001); inner and coorbital:1058 (1966-2002); outer: 705 observations of Phoebe (1904-2004) and 505 of the fainters (2000-2005) -Uranus: main: 12 591 observations (1982-2003); faint: 130 (1994) -Neptune: 1384 observations of Triton (1989-2001); 495 of Nereide (1949-2004); 200 of the outers (1984-2004) and 83 of the inners (1991-1997) -Pluto and asteroids: under construction We gather also 21213 eclipses and occultations (1652-1983), 542 mutual events (1985-1991) of the Galilean satellites and 66 mutual events (1995-1996) for the Saturnian satellites. This data base is made possible thanks to the help of R. Vieira-Martins, C. Veiga (Rio de Janeiro observatory) who provides data as recommended by the Data Center, G. Williams (MPC) who sends the observations of the faint outer satellites of the giant planets gathered as asteroidal observations and D. Pascu who made efforts to complete the reduction of his data.

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