DDA 36th Meeting, 10-14 April 2005
Session 6 The Latest from Spitzer
Invited, Tuesday, April 12, 2005, 8:45-9:35am

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[6.01] Spitzer Observations of Debris Disks: Trouble in the Habitable Zone?

C.A. Beichman (Michelson Science Center), MIPS Debris Disk Team

Spitzer has observed debris disks around dozens of mature, main sequence stars, many of them planet-bearing. I will discuss the results of both photometric (MIPS) and spectroscopic (IRS) observations with an emphasis on the possible influence of planets on the structure and extent of the disks. I will also discuss the relevance of Spitzer observations to future missions to detect directly the light from planets.

This talk is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Beth Holmes who worked extensively on this program before her untimely death just one year ago.

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