DDA 36th Meeting, 10-14 April 2005
Session 9 Dynamics of Flat Systems
Oral, Tuesday, April 12, 2005, 3:05-5:05pm

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[9.02] Cassini CIRS Observations and Thermal Modelling to Constrain Vertical Structure and Particle Spin Rates in Saturn's Rings

S. Pilorz, L. Spilker, B. Wallis, S. Brooks (JPL)

We present the status of thermal observations and modelling as regards constraining the vertical structure characteristics of Saturn's A, B, and C Rings. In chief, we address the standard models of mono-layer vs multi-layer rings, and whether there is evidence that large particles are phase locked.

We address Voyager IRIS and Cassini CIRS observations of thermal infra-red spectra taken at various viewing geometries in the context of the radiation of an ensemble of radiators, some phase locked, some not, and with various configurations. The direct inverse problem is extremely ill-determined, and we present a coupled radiative transfer and thermal model for the rings.

We discuss application of this to the Cassini CIRS observations to date, and the prospects of constraining the dynamical parameters.

This research was conducted at JPL/Caltech under contract with NASA. We would like to acknowledge support from Mike Flasar and the CIRS Instrument Team.

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