DDA 36th Meeting, 10-14 April 2005
Session 8 Brouwer Prize Lecture
Invited, Tuesday, April 12, 2005, 2:15-3:05pm

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[8.01] Instabilities and Transport in Differentially Rotating Rings and Disks

J.C.B. Papaloizou (DAMTP Cambridge UK)

Studies of instabilities in differentially rotating disks leading to a variety of phenomena have become topical within the context of planet formation theories. The onset of turbulence with and possibly without magnetic fields has consequences for evolution through angular momentum transport and dust settling to form planetesimals. Instabilities that lead both to eccentric disks and eccentric planet orbits may also play a role. Coresponding phenomena may occur in planetary rings which provide nearby systems with many of the dynamical properties of accretion disks. We here discuss and review these phenomena indicating the circumstances where they may be important.

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