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[5.02] Progress Report of the International Astronomical Union Division I Working Group on Precession and the Ecliptic

J.L. Hilton (U.S. Naval Observatory)

The IAU Working group on Precession and the Ecliptic was formed at the XXVth General Assembly of the IAU, Sydney 2003, in response to requests for a dynamically consistent precession theory compatible with the IAU 2000A nutation theory. The working group has decided to recommend to the 2006 IAU General Assembly the adoption of the Capitaine et al. (2003, A&A, 412, 567) precession theory designated P03. This paper looks at the current state of the process and includes the author's thoughts on the definition of the ecliptic and a recommendation for an adjustment in the nomenclature of precession.

The author(s) of this abstract have provided an email address for comments about the abstract: jhilton@aa.usno.navy.mil

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