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Session 41 Variable Stars
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[41.02] Are there any RR2 variables in \omega Centauri?

C. Clement, M. Rahman (Univ of Toronto)

In an investigation of the RR Lyrae variables in the globular cluster \omega Centauri, Clement & Rowe (2000, AJ 120, 2579) claimed that the cluster might have as many as 20 RR Lyrae variables pulsating in the second overtone mode (RR2 variables).

They based this conclusion on an analysis of the period-luminosity and period-amplitude relations for V data and on the period-frequency distribution for 128 \omega Cen RR Lyrae variables from a study by Kaluzny et al. (1997, A&AS, 125, 343).

However, new two-color (B,V) data for the variable stars in \omega Cen published by Kaluzny et al. (2004, A&A, 424, 1001) demonstrate that all of the suspected RR2 variables are probably first overtone pulsators (RR1 variables).

This study has been funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. Mr. Rahman was a participant in the University of Toronto's Research Opportunity Program for second year undergraduate students.

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