AAS 206th Meeting, 29 May - 2 June 2005
Session 16 Galaxy Surveys
Oral, Monday, 10:00-11:30am, May 30, 2005, 102 E

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[16.05] Large Scale Structure in the IRAC Shallow Survey

M. Brodwin, P.R. Eisenhardt (JPL/Caltech), A.H. Gonzalez (U. Florida), S.A. Stanford (UC Davis), D. Stern (JPL/Caltech), M.J.I. Brown (Princeton), A. Dey, B. Jannuzi (NOAO), D.J. Eisenstein (Steward Obs./U. of Arizona), C.S. Kochanek (Ohio State)

The IRAC Shallow Survey is an 8.5 deg2 mid-IR imaging survey in the NDWFS Bootes field. Combining the optical and infrared data reliable photometric redshifts can be computed for hundreds of thousands of IRAC-selected galaxies to z ~1.5 with an accuracy of \sigmaz/(1+z) ~0.07. This sample is ideal for studies of the redshift evolution of the clustered galaxy population, both in the field and in clusters of galaxies. An update of an ongoing high redshift (1 < z < 2) galaxy cluster search will be given, along with preliminary measurements of the two-point correlation function of field galaxies.

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