AAS 206th Meeting, 29 May - 2 June 2005
Session 27 Asymmetries in Type Ia Supernovae
Topical Session, Tuesday, 8:30-10:00am, 10:45am-12:30pm, 2:30-4:00pm, 4:15-6:00pm, May 31, 2005, 102 B

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[27.07] 3D Signatures of off-center Delayed-Detonation Models

P. Hoeflich (McDonald Observatory, Austin), D. Baade (ESO, Garching, FRG), R. Fesen (Dartmouth College), C. Gerardy (Imperial College, London, GB), K. Kawabata, A. Khokhlov, K. Maeda, K. Motohara, K. Nomoto (U. of Tokyo, Japan), F. Patat (ESO, Garching, FRG), N, Tominaga (U. of Tokyo, Japan), L. Wang (LBL, Berkeley), J.C. Wheeler (U. of Texas, Austin)

The last decade has witnessed an explosive growth of high-quality data for thermonuclear explosions of a White Dwarf Star, SNeIa. Advances in computational methods provide new insights into the physics of the phenomenon and a direct, quantitative link between observables and explosion physics. Both trends combined provided spectacular results, allowed to address, to identify specific problems and to narrow down the range of scenarios.

3D effects are a key to study details of the systems. Multi-dimensional effects seem to be unavoidable for a system originating from a close binary system with mass overflonamely during the deflagration phase,instabilities in the burning, off-center detonations or the transitions from deflagration to detonation, the rapid rotation of the progenitor and, potentially, the merging of WDs.

3D signatures can be observed by late-time IR line profiles, polarization, and direct imaging of remnants. A combination of various methods is critical to reduce ambivalences in the interpretation.

Based on detailed 3D radiation-hydrodynamical NLTE-models for exploding WDs and within the framework of delayed-detonation models, we present a multi-method study of the supernovae SN2003du, SN2003hv, SN2004dt, and some remnants.

The author(s) of this abstract have provided an email address for comments about the abstract: pah@astro.as.utexas.edu

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