AAS 206th Meeting, 29 May - 2 June 2005
Session 38 Interstellar Medium, H II Regions and Molecular Clouds
Poster, Wednesday, 10:00am-7:00pm, Thursday, 9:20am-2:00pm, June 1, 2005, Ballroom A

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[38.07] Three-Dimensional Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Buoyant Supernova Remnant Bubbles in the Interstellar Medium: Initial Results

E. A. Raley, R. L. Shelton (The University of Georgia, Athens)

We simulate an SNR bubble expanding and buoyantly rising in the ISM using the ZEUS-MP hydrodynamics code. Our ambient background represents a region of the ISM at a radial distance from the galactic center equal to that of the Sun (Rgalactic=8.5kpc) and at a perpendicular distance less than 1kpc from the galactic midplane (|z| < 1kpc). Our Cartesian grid simulates this region with an isothermal background at 104 K in hydrostatic equilibrium with a galactic gravitational potential, and includes a magnetic field of 4.5 micro-Gauss, and simple cooling.

The eventual incarnation of this research will include thermal conduction and more sophisticated cooling, and will calculate the spectra produced by these bubbles as they enrich the ISM.

This research is supported by NASA grant # NNG04GD78G.

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