AAS 205th Meeting, 9-13 January 2005
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 96. Astronomy Education: K-12

Poster, Wednesday, January 12, 2005, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall

96.01 Creating a Teacher-Student Research Program Using the Spitzer Space Telescope
D. Daou (Spitzer Science Center), S. Pompea (National Optical Astronomy Observatory), M. Thaller (Spitzer Science Center)
96.02 Outer Space is not Empty Space
W. Johnson (Nahsua High School), P. Pratap (MIT Haystack Observatory), R. Riegel (Pinkerton Academy)
96.03 The Smiley Radio Telescope
R. M. Blake, M. W. Castelaz (Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute), J. Daugherty (UNC-Asheville), L. Owen (Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute)
96.04 Monitoring Radio Frequency Interference: The Quiet Skies Project
S. Rapp (Linwood Holton Governor's School), C. Gear (Elkins High School), R.J. Maddalena, S.A. Heatherly (NRAO)
96.05 WISE: From the Dimmest Stars to the most Luminous Galaxies!
N. Craig, B.J. Mendez (UC Berkeley), E.L. Wright (UCLA)
96.06 The GLAST Education and Public Outreach Program
P. Plait, T. Graves, S. Silva, A. Simonnet, G. Spear, L. Cominsky (Sonoma State University)
96.07 Chandra X-ray Data Analysis in Educational Environments
T. Matilsky (Physics Dep't., Rutgers U.), E Etkina (Grad. School of Ed., Rutgers U.), K. Lestition (Chandra X-ray Center, CfA), E. Mandel, W. Joye (CfA)
96.08 The Little Thompson Observatory in 2004: a meteorite lands!
A.E. Schweitzer (Little Thompson Observatory), T.T. Melsheimer (Meridian Controls and LTO)
96.09 PandASoft: Open Source Instructional Laboratory Administration Software
P.L. Gay (Harvard University), P. Braasch (Milford High School), Y.N. Synkova (Harvard University)
96.10 Wolf Testing: Open Source Testing Software
P. Braasch (Milford High School), P.L. Gay (Harvard University)
96.11 Teachable Moments in the News an Online Resource Solar System Science News
H.A.T. Vanhala, E.A. Miller, J.J Goldstein (Challenger Center for Space Science Education)
96.12 A Collaborative Astronomy Project Between Multimedia and Physics Undergraduate Majors
M. W. Castelaz (PARI), L. Walsh, M. LaFratta (UNC-Asheville), D. A. Moffett (Furman University)
96.13 Positive Developments in Hands-On Universe
C.R. Pennypacker (UC Berkeley), Hands-On Universe Collaboration, Yerkes Observatory Team, START Team
96.14 Graduate Students in the K-12 Classroom: The NSF GK-12 Project
A. G. Jensen (University of Colorado-Boulder)
96.15 Astronomy Science Fair Projects
J. Pittichová, M-A. Kadooka, K. J. Meech (IfA, Hawaii)

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