AAS 205th Meeting, 9-13 January 2005
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 91. Surveys and Catalogs

Poster, Wednesday, January 12, 2005, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall

91.01 Preserving America's Photographic Heritage - Phase 1
M. W. Castelaz, J. D. Cline (PARI), E. Griffin (DAO), W. Osborn (Central Michigan University)
91.02 The Palomar-Quest Survey
S.G. Djorgovski (Caltech), C. Baltay, A. Mahabal, M. Graham, R. Williams, M. Bogosavljevic, D. Rabinowitz, A. Bauer, N. Ellman, R. Lauer, S. Duffau, P. Andrews (Yale), A. Rengstorf, R. Brunner (UIUC/NCSA), J. Musser, M. Gebhard, S. Mufson (Indiana), PQ Collaboration
91.03 The 2MASS Extended Mission Data Products
R.M. Cutri (IPAC/Caltech), 2MASS Team
91.04 The UV and Optical Properties of GALEX-SDSS sources
M. A. Agüeros, L. M. Walkowicz, Z. Ivezic (University of Washington), M. Obric (Kapteyn Institute)
91.05 The VLA Low-frequency Sky Survey (VLSS)
A. S. Cohen, W. M. Lane, N. E. Kassim, T. J. W. Lazio (Naval Research Laboratory), W. D. Cotton, R. A. Perley, J. J. Condon (NRAO), W. C. Erickson (University of Tasmania)
91.06 Photometric Standard Stars in the Southern E-Regions, u'g'r'i'z'
J.L. Stute (University of Wyoming), J.A. Smith (LANL/University of Wyoming), D.L. Tucker, S.S. Allam (Fermi Lab), C.T. Rodgers (University of Wyoming), C. Stoughton (Fermi Lab)
91.07 Photometric Observations of Grid Giant Star Survey Candidates
D. Bizyaev (UTEP, SAI), V.V. Smith (NOAO, UTEP), J. Arenas (CTIO), D. Geisler (Universidad de Concepcion)
91.08 Identifying Red Variables in the Northern Sky Variability Survey.
P.R. Wozniak, S.J. Williams, W.T. Vestrand, V. Gupta (LANL)
91.09 Contributions to the NStars Program: Spectroscopy and Physical Parameters of the Solar-type Stars within 40 parsecs of the Sun
R.O. Gray (Appalachian State Univ.), C.J. Corbally (Vatican Obs.), R.F. Garrison (David Dunlap Obs.), M.T. McFadden (Appalachian State Univ.), A.A. O'Donoghue, E.R. Knox (St. Lawrence Univ.), C.E. McGahee, E.J. Bubar (Appalachian State Univ.)
91.10 Guide Star Catalog version 2.3. Parameters and Comparisons
C. G. Loomis, B. J. McLean, G. R. Greene, R. L. White (STScI)
91.11 Development of a rank-ordering metric for selection of grid star candidates for the Space Interferometry Mission
J.H. Catanzarite, M. Shao, D. Ciardi (Caltech), SIM project science office Team, Michelson Science Center Team
91.12 Extending the ICRF to Higher Radio Frequencies -- Imaging Results
A.L. Fey, D.A. Boboltz (U.S. Naval Observatory), P. Charlot (Bordeaux Observatory), E.B. Fomalont (NRAO), G.E. Lanyi, L.D. Zhang (JPL), K-Q VLBI Survey Collaboration
91.13 Improving Astrometric VLBI by using Water Vapor Radiometer Calibrations
C. S. Jacobs, S. J. Keihm, G. E. Lanyi, C. J. Naudet, L. Riley, A. B. Tanner (JPL)

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