AAS 205th Meeting, 9-13 January 2005
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 59. ISM: Dust and Molecules

Poster, Tuesday, January 11, 2005, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall

59.01 SPEAR Far UV Observations of the Interstellar Medium
J. Edelstein, E. J. Korpela, K. Nishikida, J. Kregenow, M. Feuerstein, J. Adolfo (SSL, UC Berkeley), K.W. Min, K.S. Ryu (KAIST), W. Han, D.H. Lee, J.H. Park (KAO), Space Astrophysics Group SPEAR Team, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology FIMS Team, Korea Astronomy Observatory FIMS Team
59.02 Diffuse FUV observations of the North Ecliptic Pole with SPEAR
E. J. Korpela, J. Edelstein, K. Nishiskida, J. Kregenow (University of California Berkeley), J.H. Shinn, K.S. Ryu (Korea Advance Institute of Science and Technology), D.H. Lee, K.I. Seon (Korea Astronomy Observatory)
59.03 The Search for Velocity Structure in the Diffuse Interstellar Bands toward Herschel 36
M. M. Drosback, T. P. Snow (University of Colorado, CASA), J. A. Thorburn (University of Chicago), S. D. Friedman (Space Telescope Science Institute), L. M. Hobbs (University of Chicago), B. J. McCall (University of Illionois at Urbana-Champaign), B. L. Rachford (Carleton College), P. Sonnentrucker (Johns Hopkins University), D. E. Welty, D. G. York (University of Chicago)
59.04 Interstellar extinction in the MBM 12 molecular cloud area in Aries
V. Straizys, J. Zdanavicius, K. Zdanavicius, V. Laugalys, A. Kazlauskas, K. Cernis (ITPA, Vilnius), R. P. Boyle (VORG, Steward Obs., Tucson, AZ), A. G. D. Philip (Union College, Schenectady, NY)
59.05 Properties of Interstellar Dust in the MBM 18-19 Cloud Complex
V. H. Chaplin (Swarthmore College), K. A. Larson (Western Washington University), P. A. Gerakines (University of Alabama at Birmingham)
59.06 Discovery of Interstellar N2
D. C. Knauth (Northwestern University), B-G Andersson, S. R. McCandliss, H. W. Moos (The Johns Hopkins University)
59.07 The Inability of Ambipolar Diffusion to Set the Inner Scale of Density and Energy in Molecular Clouds
J. S. Oishi (UVA/AMNH), M-M. Mac Low (AMNH)
59.08 Preferential Direction of Supersonic Motion in Molecular Clouds
J. Koda (Caltech/National Astronomical Observatory of Japan), T. Sawada (Nobeyama Radio Observatory)
59.09 HUT, FUSE, and Rocket Observations of IC 63: Molecular Hydrogen Fluorescence
K. France, S. R. McCandliss, B-G Andersson, P. D. Feldman (JHU)
59.10 Interstellar NI Abundances through FUSE Spectra
A. G. Jensen (University of Colorado-Boulder), B. L. Rachford (Carleton College), T. P. Snow (University of Colorado-Boulder)
59.11 Interstellar Extinction and Polarization by Graphite-Silicate Clusters
E. T. Johnson, B. T. Draine (Princeton University)
59.12 Apache Point Observatory Observations of the Red Rectangle
T. P. Snow, M. M. Drosback (University of Colorado, CASA), J. C. Barentine (Apache Point Observatory), L. M. Hobbs, D. G. York (University of Chicago)
59.13 Looking for Links between UV Extinction and the Diffuse Interstellar Bands
L. Valencic (IA-UNAM), K. Gordon (Steward Observatory), G. Clayton (Louisiana State University)
59.14 The Excitation of Extended Red Emission in Interstellar Dust
A.N. Witt (University of Toledo), K.D. Gordon (University of Arizona), P.H. Sell, U.P. Vijh (University of Toledo), T.L. Smith (SSI), R.H. Xie (Texas A&M University)
59.15 Molecules in Grains (MIGS) as the Source of the Unidentified Infrared Bands (UIRs)
L. S. Bernstein (Spectral Sciences, Inc.), D. K. Lynch (The Aerospace Corporation), A. Berk (Spectral Sciences, Inc.), R. W. Russell (The Aerospace Corporation)
59.16 Far Ultraviolet Extinction in Galactic Sight Lines
U.J. Sofia (Whitman College), M.J. Wolff (SSI), B. Rachford (U. of Colorado), K.D. Gordon (U. of Arizona), G.C. Clayton, S.I.B. Cartledge (LSU), B.T. Draine (Princeton), P.G. Martin (CITA), J.S. Mathis (U. of Wisconsin), T.P. Snow (U. of Colorado), D.C.B. Whittet (Rensselaer)
59.17 High-Resolution Extinction Map of the Pre-Protostellar Core B133
B. C. Stiles, L. J. Crews (Tennessee Martin), T. L. Huard (CfA)
59.18 Unusual Depletions toward the LMC Star Sk-70 115
D. E. Welty (Univ. of Chicago), J. T. Lauroesch (Northwestern Univ.), L. M. Hobbs, D. G. York (Univ. of Chicago)

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