AAS 205th Meeting, 9-13 January 2005
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 55. M dwarfs, Nearby Stars and High-proper-motion Stars

Poster, Tuesday, January 11, 2005, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall

55.01 Introducing the SuperCOSMOS-RECONS (SCR) Proper Motion Survey
J. P. Subasavage, T. J. Henry (Georgia State University), N. C. Hambly (University of Edinburgh), M. A. Brown, W.-C. Jao, T. D. Beaulieu (Georgia State University)
55.02 Where are the stellar ``road runners'' -- beep beep -- in the sky?
W.-C. Jao, T.J. Henry, J.P. Subasavage, T.D. Beaulieu, H. Monteiro (Georgia State University)
55.03 Far Infrared Properties of M Dwarfs
T. N. Gautier (JPL, Cal Tech), C. A. Beichman (Cal Tech), G. Bryden, C. H. Chen (JPL, Cal Tech), K. D. Gordon, G. H. Rieke, J. A. Stansberry (Steward Observatory, Univ of Ariz.), K. R. Stapelfeldt (JPL, Cal Tech), D. E. Trilling (Steward Observatory, Univ of Ariz), M. W. Werner (JPL, Cal Tech), MIPS Team
55.04 M Dwarf Metallicities: Towards a Technique
J. L. Bean, C. Sneden, G. F. Benedict (University of Texas and McDonald Observatory), C. M. Johns-Krull (Rice University)
55.05 The Solar Neighborhood Out to 60pc
R. H. Boone, J. R. King (Clemson University), D. R. Soderblom (Space Telescope Science Institute)
55.06 A Spectroscopic Survey of M Dwarfs within 100 Parsecs of the Sun
J.J. Bochanski, S.L. Hawley (University of Washington), I.N. Reid (STScI), K. Covey (University of Washington), J.A. Munn (USNO), C.G. Tinney (AAO)
55.07 The Quiescent Atmosphere of the dMe Flare Star EV Lacertae
R. A. Osten (NRAO), S. L. Hawley (U. of Washington), C. M. Johns-Krull (Rice University), A. Brown (U. of Colorado), J. Allred (U. of Washington)

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