AAS 205th Meeting, 9-13 January 2005
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 5. Visible/UV/IR Space Missions and Technology

Poster, Monday, January 10, 2005, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall

5.01 Status and Plans for Wide Field Camera 3 for the Hubble Space Telescope
R. A. Kimble (NASA's GSFC), J. W. MacKenty (STScI), R. W. O'Connell (U. of Virginia), WFC3 Team
5.02 The Wide Field Camera 3 Detectors
S.M. Baggett, J.W. MacKenty (STScI), M. Robberto (ESA/STScI), R.A. Kimble, R.J. Hill (NASA/GSFC), H. Bushouse, W. Baggett, T. Brown, G. Hartig, B. Hilbert, I.N. Reid (STScI), G. Delo, R. Foltz, S.D. Johnson, O. Lupie, E. Malumuth, T. Pham, A.M. Russell, A. Waczynski, Y. Wen (NASA/GSFC), WFC3 Team
5.03 Wide-Field Camera 3 Ground Calibration
H. Bushouse, S. Baggett, T. Brown, G. Hartig, B. Hilbert, J. MacKenty, I.N. Reid (STScI), M. Robberto (ESA/STScI), W. Baggett (CSC/STScI), B. Hill, R. Kimble, O. Lupie, T. Pham (NASA/GSFC)
5.04 NICMOS Coronagraphic Polarimetry: A New Observing Mode for HST
D.C. Hines (Space Science Institute), G. Schneider (University of Arizona)
5.05 PeakUp Imaging mode for the Spitzer IRS
H.I. Teplitz, P.N. Appleton, L. Armus, C.J. Grillmair, X. Wu (SSC), V. Charmandaris, K. Uchida (Cornell), J. van Cleve (Ball Aerospace), Spitzer Science Center Team, IRS Instrument (Cornell, SSC, Rochester, Ball, NASA Ames) Team
5.06 Planning Your Spitzer Cycle 2 Observations
S.D. Van Dyk (Spitzer Science Center), Spitzer Observer Support Team
5.07 Microshutter Arrays for JWST NIRSpec.
S.H. Moseley (NASA's GSFC), R. Arendt (SSAI/NASA's GSFC), R.A. Boucarut (NASA's GSFC), T. Hadjimichael (Swales/NASA's GSFC), M. Jhabvala, T. King (NASA's GSFC), G. Kletetschka (CU), A.S. Kutyrev (SSAI/NASA's GSFC), M. Li (NASA's GSFC), D. Rapchun (GST/NASA's GSFC), R.F. Silverberg (NASA's GSFC), Microshutter Team
5.08 The Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer
P.R. Eisenhardt (JPL/Caltech), E.L. Wright (UCLA), WISE Team
5.09 The Stellar Imager (SI): Preliminary Results from the Ongoing Vision Mission Study
K. G. Carpenter (NASA's GSFC), C. J. Schrijver (LMATC), SI Mission Concept Development Team
5.10 Space Astrometry in the Next Decade
R. A. Gaume (U.S. Naval Observatory)
5.11 The Origins Billion Star Survey
K. J. Johnston, B. N. Dorland, R. A. Gaume, A. R. Hajian, H. C. Harris, G. S. Hennessy, D. G. Monet, J. A. Munn, R. P. Olling, J. R. Pier, N. Zacharias (U.S. Naval Observatory), K. Coste, S. Pravdo (JPL), R. Danner (Northrop Grumman Space Technology), C. Grillmair, J. R. Stauffer (Caltech), P. K. Seidelmann (Univ. of Virginia), S. Seager (Carnegie Inst. of Washington)
5.12 Imaging Simulations for DESTINY, the Dark Energy Space Telescope
T. R. Lauer (NOAO), DESTINY Science Team
5.13 The AstroBiology Explorer (ABE) Mission Concept
S. A. Sandford (NASA Ames Research Center)
5.14 Optimal Designs, Mask Manufacture, and Experimental Results for Shaped Pupil Coronagraphs
N. J. Kasdin, R. J. Vanderbei, M. G. Littman, D. Ren, M. Carr, D. N. Spergel (Princeton University)
5.15 Adaptive Optics for High-Contrast Imaging
A Giveón, N.J. Kasdin, M.G. Littman, L.A. Pueyo, R.J. Vanderbei (Princeton Univ.)
5.16 The Extrasolar Plantary Imaging Coronograph (EPIC) Mission
M. Clampin (GSFC), EPIC Science Team
5.17 High Contrast Imaging with Eighth-order Notch Filter Image Masks for the Coronagraphic Terrestrial Planet Finder
J. R. Crepp, J. Ge (University of Florida), M. J. Kuchner (Princeton), A. V. Heuvel, X. Wan (University of Florida), S. Miller (Penn State)
5.18 An Extremely Coherent Single Mode Fiber Bundle Array for High Contrast Imaging
D. L. McDavitt, J. Ge, S. Miller (University of Florida)
5.19 The Eclipse Mission of Imaging of Nearby Planetary Systems: Concept and Laboratory Validation
J. Trauger (JPL), D. Backman (ARC), M. Brown (Caltech), R.A. Brown (STScI), A. Burrows (U. Arizona), C. Burrows (Metajiva), M. Ealey (Xinetics), D. Fischer (SFSU), C. Ftaclas (U. Hawaii), S. Heap (GSFC), T. Hull (Tinsley), J. Kasdin, M. Kuchner (Princeton), J. Lunine (U. Arizona), G. Marcy (UC Berkeley), R. Sahai (JPL), D. Spergel (Princeton), K. Stapelfeldt (JPL), W. Traub (CfA), B. Woodgate (GSFC)
5.20 Picometer Precision Measurements of Fringe Phase and Wavelengths in MAM
X. Pan, M. Shao, R. Goullioud (JPL)

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