AAS 205th Meeting, 9-13 January 2005
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 19. Cataclysmic Variable Stars

Poster, Monday, January 10, 2005, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall

19.01 Low Resolution Spectroscopy and Classifications of Eight Candidate Cataclysmic Variables
L. Galli (Colorado College), Dr. L. Schmidtobreick (European Southern Observatory), A. Whiting (Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory)
19.02 Visible and Infrared Spectrophotometry of V5114 Sagittarii
C. C. Venturini, R. J. Rudy, D. K. Lynch, S. Mazuk (The Aerospace Corporation), R. C. Puetter (UC San Diego), R. B. Perry (NASA Langley)
19.03 A Photometric Study of the Low States of AM Her
J. W. Robertson (Arkansas Tech University), S. Kafka, R. K. Honeycutt (Indiana University), S. B. Howell (WIYN/NOAO)
19.04 Modelling the Galactic CV distribution for the ChaMPlane Project
A. B. Rogel, P. M. Lugger, H. N. Cohn (IU)
19.05 Photometry of the Cataclysmic Variable V533 Herculis (Nova 1963)
C. R. Hart, W. F. Welsh (San Diego State University), R. A. Wittenmyer (University of Texas at Austin), J. Stull (Alfred University)
19.06 Permanent Superhumps in EY Cyg?
R. Costero, J. Echevarria (Instituto de Astronomia, UNAM), R. Michel, S. Zharikov (Instituto de Astronomia, Ensenada, UNAM)
19.07 New Elemental Abundances for Nova Cygni 1992
K.M. Vanlandingham (Columbia University), G.J. Schwarz (University of Arizona), S.N. Shore (UniversitÓ di Pisa), S. Starrfield (Arizona State University), R.M. Wagner (University of Arizona)
19.08 Outburst Energies and Precursors to Outbursts for SS Cyg from AAVSO Data
R.L. Hill (Ball State University), E.O. Waagen (AAVSO)
19.09 Spitzer Space Telescope Spectroscopy of Old Novae
L.A. Helton, C.E. Woodward, R.D. Gehrz, E. Polomski (University of Minnesota)
19.10 Extraction of synthetic data from model accretion streams in POLARS.
J. Cash (SCSU)
19.11 The Dependence of the Common Envelope Efficiency on Binary Star System Parameters
K. Weiler, M. Politano (Marquette U.)
19.12 Spitzer Observations of a WZ Sge-Type Dwarf Novae in Superoutburst
D. R. Ciardi, G. T. van Belle (Michelson Science Center), D. W. Hoard, S. Wachter (Spitzer Science Center), S. B. Howell (WIYN/NOAO)
19.13 Cataclysmic Variables and Active Binary Stars in Omega Centauri
T. Arias, M. Brochmann, J. L. Dorfman, M. V. White, A. M. Cool (San Francisco State University)
19.14 Infrared Light Curves of Cataclysmic Variables: Estimating Orbital Inclinations
J. J. Johnson, T. E. Harrison, R. Campbell (NMSU), S. B. Howell (NOAO/WIYN)
19.15 Infrared Spectroscopy of the Subgiant Secondary Stars in SS Cygni, RU Pegasi, GK Persei, and AE Aquarii
T. E. Harrison, R. Campbell (NMSU), S. B. Howell (NOAO/WIYN), J. J. Johnson (NMSU)
19.16 IR Observations of the Secondary Stars in 3-4 Hour Cataclysmic Variables
S. B. Howell (WIYN/NOAO), T. E. Harrison, R. Campbell (NMSU)
19.17 A FUSE Survey of Cataclysmic Variable Stars
C. Froning (CASA/Univ. of Colorado), K. Long (STScI), P. Szkody (Univ. of Washington), B. Gaensicke (Warwick Univ.)
19.18 Low Resolution Infrared Spectroscopy Of Polars
R. K. Campbell, T.E. Harrison (NMSU)
19.19 Evidence for an Overflow Stream in the Quiescent EX Hydrae
K. E. Belle (LANL), S. B. Howell (NOAO/WIYN), K. Mukai (NASA/GSFC), P. Szkody (U. Washington), K. Nishikida (Berkeley)
19.20 0.4-2.5 Micron Spectrophotometry of the Fe II Novae V5113 Sagittarii and V2574 Ophiuchi
R. J. Rudy, D. K. Lynch, S. M. Mazuk, C. C. Venturini (Aerospace Corp.), R. C. Puetter (UCSD), R. B. Perry (NASA Langley)
19.21 Searching for Past Outbursts of Recurrent Novae
P.B. Robinson (Vassar College), G.C. Clayton (Louisiana State University)
19.22 Early Infrared Spectral Development of V1187 Scorpii (Nova Scorpii 2004 #2)
D.K. Lynch, R.W. Russell, R.J. Rudy (The Aerospace Corp.), S.J. Bus (U. Hawaii), R.D. Gehrz, N. Smith, C.E. Woodward (U. Minnesota), T.E. Harrison (New Mexico State University), T.R. Geballe, S. Fisher (Gemini Observatory), S. Eyres (U. Central Lancaster), A. Evans (U. Keele), J. Lyke (W. M. Keck Observatory)
19.23 Spitzer Space Telescope and Coordinated Optical Spectrophotometry of V1187 Scorpii (Nova Scorpii 2004 #2)
C.E. Woodward, G. Ruch, R.D. Gehrz, R.M. Humphreys, E. Polomski (U. Minnesota), R.M. Wagner (LBT Obs.), M. Barlow (U. College London), M.F. Bode (Liverpool John Moores U.), S. Eyers (U. Central Lancaster), A. Evans (Keele U.), T.R. Geballe (Gemini Obs.), M.A. Greenhouse (NASA Goddard), P. Hauschildt (U. Hamburg), J. Krautter (U. Heidleberg), W. Liller (U. Chile), J.E. Lyke (Keck Obs.), R. Rudy (Aerospace Corp.), A. Salama (ISO Vilspa), G. Schwarz (U. Arizona), S.N. Shore (U. Pisa, INFN/Pisa), S. Starrfield (Arizona State U.), M.F. Strutskie (U. Virginia), J. Truran (U. Chicago), R.E. Williams (STScI)
19.24 Very Early 3-13 micron Spectral Development of V1187 Sco (Nova Scorpii 2004 #2)
R. W. Russell, D. K. Lynch, D. L. Kim (The Aerospace Corporation), R. B. Perry (NASA Langley Research Center), T. R. Geballe, R. S. Fisher (Gemini)

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