AAS 205th Meeting, 9-13 January 2005
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 16. Ae Be and T Tauri Stars

Poster, Monday, January 10, 2005, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall

16.01 Gas and Dust Stratification in Young Stellar Disks
T. Rettig (Univ. Notre Dame), S. Brittain (NOAO), C. Kulesa (Univ. Arizona), T. Simon (Univ. Hawaii), E. Gibb (Univ. Notre Dame)
16.02 High-resolution x-ray spectroscopy of the accreting weak-line T Tauri star DoAr 21
V. Swisher, E. L. N. Jensen, D. H. Cohen (Swarthmore College), M. Gagné (West Chester University)
16.03 Modeling Period Distribution of T Tauri Stars
R. S. Yamada, A. A. Esin (Harvey Mudd College)
16.04 Mid-IR Observations of T Tauri stars: Probing the Star-Disk Connection
P. Kundurthy, M. R. Meyer (Steward Obs., UofA), Robberto M. (STScI), Herbst T. (MPIA)
16.05 Time Evolution of Spectral Energy Distribution Fits of Four Stars
W.J. Carpenter, M.L. Sitko (Univ. of Cincinnati), D.K. Lynch, R.W. Russell (Aerospace Corp.), M.S. Hanner (Univ. Massachusetts), S.M. Brafford (Univ. of Dayton)
16.06 Long-Term Variations in the Mid-IR Spectra of Dusty Protostellar Disks
M.L. Sitko, W.J. Carpenter (Univ. of Cincinnati), D.K. Lynch, R.W. Russell (Aerospace Corp.), C.A. Grady (Eureka Scientific), S.M. Brafford (Univ. of Dayton), D.H. Wooden (NASA Ames)
16.07 Further detections of rovibrational H2 emission from the disks of T Tauri stars
P.D.Q. Johanson (University of Wisconsin)
16.08 The Enigmatic Radio Source T Tau S
H. O. Beekneens ()
16.09 Spectroscopic Properties of Weakline T Tauri Stars targeted by the SIRTF C2D Legacy Program
R.U. Readi (JPL)
16.10 Forbidden Line Emissions in the T-Tauri Spectroscopic Binaries DQ Tau and UZ Tau-E Monitored over an Orbital Period
I.M. Knotyurpal ()
16.11 The Evolution of Planetary Systems: A FUSE Legacy View of Accretion and Stellar Activity for Young A Stars
G. M. Williger (Johns Hopkins U.), C. A. Grady (Eureka Scientific and NASA/GSFC), B. E. Woodgate (NASA/GSFC), J.-C. Bouret (Obs. Marseille-Provence), A. Roberge (Dept. Terr. Magnetism, CIW), M. Sahu (Catholic U. and NASA/GSFC)
16.12 Scattered Light and Polarized Light in Models of KH 15D
E.B. Ford, J.L. Hoffman, E.I. Chiang (UC Berkeley)
16.13 The Disappearing Act of KH 15D: Photometric Results from the 2002-2004 Observing Campaigns
C.M. Hamilton (Mount Holyoke College), W. Herbst (Wesleyan U.), F.J. Vrba (USNO, Flagstaff Station), M.A. Ibrahimov (Mt. Maidanak Observatory), R. Mundt, C.A.L. Bailer-Jones (MPIA), V.J. Sanchez Bejar (IAC), P. Abraham, M. Kun, A. Moor, J. Benko, S. Csizmadia (Konkoly Observatory), A.V. Filippenko, W. Li (UC Berkeley)
16.14 Anomalously Low X-ray Emission from the Weak-lined T Tauri Binary KH 15D
W. Herbst, E. C. Moran (Wesleyan U.)

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