AAS 205th Meeting, 9-13 January 2005
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 148. Large Scale Structure

Poster, Thursday, January 13, 2005, 9:20am-4:00pm, Exhibit Hall

148.01 Cosmological Parameters from Eigenmode Analysis of SDSS Clustering on Large Scales
A. Pope, A. Szalay (Johns Hopkins), T. Matsubara (Nagoya), T. Budavari (Johns Hopkins), D. Eisenstein (U Arizona), J. Gray (Microsoft Research), B. Jain (U Penn), M. Blanton (NYU), SDSS Collaboration
148.02 The Subhalo Model of Galaxy-Mass Correlations
M. C. Neyrinck, A. J. S. Hamilton (JILA, APS, U. Colorado), N. Y. Gnedin (CASA, APS, U. Colorado)
148.03 Cosmic Shear Redshift Evolution from The Deep Lens Survey
V. Margoniner, D. WIttman, T. Tyson (UC Davis), Deep Lens Survey Team
148.04 Spatial Two Point Correlation Function of X-ray Selected AGNs
Y. Yang (UMCP & NASA/GSFC), R. F. Mushotzky (NASA/GSFC), A. J. Barger (U. Wisc.), L. L. Cowie (U. Hawaii), A. T. Steffen (PSU)
148.05 Quantifying the Bull's-Eye Effect: Thick Slices
E. A. Praton, J. Bilikova (Franklin & Marshall Coll.), A. L. Melott, B. C. Thomas (UKansas)
148.06 Latest Results from the High-Redshift Large Scale Structure Survey
L.M. Lubin, R.R. Gal (UC Davis), G.K. Squires (SSC/Caltech), M. Papenkova (UC Davis)
148.07 Redshift-Space Artifacts from a Filament Infall Model and Rotational Flow Models
M. S. Mitter, E. A. Praton (Franklin & Marshall College)
148.08 Cosmological Implications of Galaxy Cluster Evolution and Substructure
B. C. Hart, D. A. Buote, P. J. Humphrey (University of Califorina, Irvine), R. Valdarnini (Sc. Intl. Sup. di Studi Avanzanti)
148.09 Systematic Errors in Weak Lensing Cluster Mass Estimates
S.N. Floor (University of Kanas), A.E. Evrard (University of Michigan)
148.10 Galaxies at Redshift ~6 in the Fields of Massive Clusters
W. Zheng, H. Ford (Johns Hopkins University), M. Postman (Space Telescope Science Institute), L. Infante, V. Motta (P. Universidad Catolica, Chile), ACS Science Team
148.11 A Search for Wide Separation Lensed QSOs
A. R. Marble, C. D. Impey (Univ. of Arizona), L. Miller, L. Clewley, E. Edmondson, A. M. Lopes (Oxford University)
148.12 Exploring the Cl 1604 Supercluster at z=0.9
R. R. Gal, L. M. Lubin (U.C. Davis), G. K. Squires (IPAC/Caltech)

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