AAS 205th Meeting, 9-13 January 2005
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 147. Groups and Clusters of Galaxies

Poster, Thursday, January 13, 2005, 9:20am-4:00pm, Exhibit Hall

147.01 Sharp Images, New Features: Chandra Examines the NGC 741 Group
J. M. Vrtilek, E. J. O'Sullivan, L. P. David, C. Jones, W. Forman (CfA), T. J. Ponman (U. Birmingham)
147.02 Galaxy Peculiar Motions Within 10 Mpc
A. B. Whiting (CTIO)
147.03 First results from the BOXING (Birmingham-OCIW XMM and IMACS Nearby Groups) project.
T. A. Miles, S. Raychaudhury (University of Birmingham), J.S. Mulchaey (Observatories of the Carnegie Institution of Washington)
147.04 The Fossil Group NGC 1132
J. S. Arabadjis, E.-H. Peng, E. D. Miller, M. W. Bautz (MIT), G. M. Garmire (Penn State)
147.05 The X-Ray Temperature, Luminosity and Mass Correlation from XMM-Newton Observations of Distant Galaxy Clusters
O. Kotov, A. Vikhlinin (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
147.06 Measurements of the Clustering of Mass in the Universe by Weak Lensing of SDSS Galaxy Clusters
D. Johnston (Princeton University), E. Sheldon (KICP University of Chicago), B. Koester (University of Michigan), R. Wechsler (KICP University of Chicago), T. McKay (University of Michigan), J. Frieman (University of Chicago), J. Annis (Fermilab), A. Evrard (University of Michigan), I. Zehavi (University of Arizona), R. Scranton (University of Pittsburgh), R. Nichol (University of Portsmouth), A. Connolly (University of Pittsburgh), T. Budavari (Johns Hopkins University), A. Tasitsiomi (University of Chicago), SDSS Collaboration
147.07 Clusters of Galaxies as Probes for Precision Cosmology: Exploring the Limits using Numerical Simulations
J.O. Burns (University of Colorado, Boulder), P.M. Motl (Louisiana State University), M.L. Norman (University of California, San Diego), E.J. Hallman (University of Colorado, Boulder)
147.08 Nebular Emission in X-ray Selected Brightest Cluster Galaxies
R. Samuele, B.R. McNamara (Ohio U.), C.R. Mullis (U. Michigan), A. Vikhlinin, W. Forman (CfA), I.M. Gioia (Institutio di Radioastronomia del CNR, Italy), J.P. Henry (U. Hawaii), A. Hornstrup (DSRI), C. Jones (CfA), H. Quintana (U. Catolica de Chile)
147.09 The Dynamical State of Abell 1689
E.-H. Peng, J. S. Arabadjis, E. D. Miller, M. W. Bautz (MIT)
147.10 Cluster Peculiar Velocities through the Kinetic Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect
P. M. Motl (Louisiana State University), J. O. Burns (University of Colorado, Boulder), M. L. Norman (University of California, San Diego)
147.11 A deep wide survey of low surface brightness galaxies in the direction of the Coma cluster of galaxies
R. Scheidegger (Northwestern Univ.), S. Kasun (Univ. Mich.), C. Adami (LAM, France), M. P. Ulmer (Northwestern Univ.), E. Slezak (OBS-Nice, France), F. Durret (IAP, France), C. J. Conselice (Caltech), J. C. Cuillandre (CFHT), A. Mazure (LAM, France), R. Pello, J. P. Picat (Obs M-P, France)
147.12 Integrated Star-Formation Rates of the C4 Galaxy Cluster Sample
R. A. Finn (University of Massachusetts), M. Balogh (University of Waterloo), C. Miller (NOAO), R. C. Nichol (University of Portsmouth), D. Zaritsky (University of Arizona)
147.13 X-Ray Point Source Excesses around MACS Clusters
J. Ruderman (Stanford), H. Ebeling (IfA, UH Manoa)
147.14 Moderate-Redshift Groups of Galaxies
T.E. Jeltema, J.S. Mulchaey (OCIW), L.M. Lubin, R. Gal (UCD)
147.15 Entropy Distributions in the Cores of Nearby X-ray Luminous Clusters of Galaxies
K. W. Cavagnolo, M. E. Donahue, G. M. Voit (Michigan State University), D. J. Horner (Goddard Space Flight Center), A. E. Evrard (University of Michigan)
147.16 Galaxy Groups in a Cosmological Simulation: X-Ray Scaling Relations
J.R. Trump, R. Dave (Steward Observatory), V. Springel (Max Planck Institute), L. Hernquist (Harvard CFA)
147.17 AGN heating and convection in galaxy-cluster plasmas
B. D. G. Chandran (University of Iowa)
147.18 Improvements in Galaxy Shape Measurements by Simultaneously Fitting Individual Exposures
C. Roat, D. Wittman, A.J. Tyson (UC Davis)
147.19 Shear-selected Clusters from the Deep Lens Survey
D. Wittman (UC Davis), I. Dell'Antonio (Brown University), V. Margoniner, J.A. Tyson (UC Davis), J.P. Hughes (Rutgers University), J. Cohen (Caltech), D. Norman (CTIO), DLS Team
147.20 Neutral Hydrogen in the Galaxy Cluster, Abell 2390
J. Zahid (Uinv. CA Berkeley), M. DeCesar (Penn State U.), L. Kinnaman (Wittenberg U, OH), M. Rice (Wellesley College), K. Saucedo-McQuade (Oberlin College), T. Ghosh, E. Momjian, C. Salter (NAIC/Arecibo Observatory)

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