AAS 205th Meeting, 9-13 January 2005
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 135. Finding and Measuring Exoplanets

Poster, Thursday, January 13, 2005, 9:20am-4:00pm, Exhibit Hall

135.01 The Phase-Induced Amplitude Apodization Coronagraph (PIAAC): A High Performance Coronagraph for Exoplanet Imaging
O. Guyon, E. Pluzhnik, F. Martinache (Subaru Telescope), S. Ridgway (National Optical Astronomical Observatories), R. Galicher (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris)
135.02 The Phase-Induced Amplitude Apodization Coronagraph (PIAAC): Performance for Imaging of Earth-like Exoplanets.
F. Martinache, O. Guyon, E. Pluzhnik (Subaru Telescope (NAOJ)), S. Ridgway (National Optical Astronomical Observatories), R. Galicher (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris)
135.03 The Phase-Induced Amplitude Apodization Coronagraph (PIAAC): Results of Numerical Simulations and Laboratory Experiments
E. Pluzhnik (Subaru Telescope, Institute of Astronomy of Kharkov University), O. Guyon (Subaru Telescope), R. Galicher (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris), S. Ridgway (NOAO), F. Martinache (Subaru Telescope)
135.04 Optimized Planet Searches and the Terrestrial Planet Finder Coronagraph Mission: An Informed Shot in the Dark
H.A. Knutson (Harvard University), J.W. Arenberg (Nothrop Grumman)
135.05 Fitting Astrometric Data With Markov Chain Monte Carlo: A Tool for Detecting Planetary Signals
P. E. Driscoll (San Francisco State University)
135.06 Spectral Analysis of Kgiants: Reference Stars for the Space Interferometry Mission
K.L. Tah, C. McCarthy, D. Fischer (SFSU)
135.07 Studying the Orange Peel Schedule as a Candidate Observation Plan for SIM
A. Schwartz (Michelson Science Center/California Institute of Technology), A. Boden, A. E. Wehrle (Michelson Science Center, California Institute of Technology)
135.08 Radio Detection of Extrasolar Planets: Present and Future Prospects
T. J. W. Lazio (NRL), W. M. Farrell (GSFC)
135.09 Readying ET for a Planet Search at the KPNO 2.1m Telescope
J. C. van Eyken, J. Ge, S. Mahadevan, C. DeWitt, A. Vanden Heuvel, R. Cohen (U. Florida)
135.10 The NIRSPEC Brown Dwarf Spectroscopic Survey Gravity Project
M.R. McGovern, I.S. McLean (UCLA), J.D. Kirkpatrick (IPAC/Caltech), A.J. Burgasser (AMNH), L. Prato (Lowell)
135.11 The Effect of the Transit of Venus on ACRIM's Total Solar Irradiance Measurements: Implications for Transit Studies of Extrasolar Planets
J. M. Pasachoff (Williams Col.-Hopkins Obs.), G. Schneider (U. Ariz.-Steward Obs.), R. C. Willson (Columbia U.)
135.12 The XO Project to Find Transiting Hot Jupiters: The First Year's Data
P. R. McCullough, J. Stys, J. Valenti (STScI), S. Fleming (Vassar), K. Janes (Boston U.), J. Heasley (U. of Hawaii)
135.13 System Parameters of the Transiting Extrasolar Planet TrES-1
A. W. Serio, J. A. Kim, T. W. Reimer, P. A. Rosenfield, C. A. Vargas-Alvarez, J. A. Orosz, W. F. Welsh (San Diego State University)
135.14 EXPLORE/OC: Variable Stars in the Southern Galactic Open Cluster NGC 2660
K. von Braun (Carnegie/DTM), B. L. Lee (Univ. of Toronto), S. Seager (Carnegie/DTM), H. K. C. Yee (Univ. of Toronto), G. Mallen-Ornelas (CfA), M. D. Gladders (OCIW)
135.15 A Search for Transiting Hot Neptunes in High-Precision Photometry of Solar-Type Stars
A. Gillman (Tennessee State University), S. M. Henry (Trevecca Nazarene University), G. W. Henry (Tennessee State University)
135.16 Using the Rossiter Effect to Confirm Terrestrial Extrasolar Planets
W. F. Welsh, J. A. Orosz (San Diego State University), R. A. Wittenmyer (University of Texas at Austin)

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