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Session 121 G-waves: Gamma Rays and Gravity
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[121.07] RadioAstron Space VLBI: Micro-Arc Second Resolution

N. Kardashev (Astro Space Center), G. I. Langston (NRAO), RadioAstron Project Team

The prime science goal of the RadioAstron project (Space VLBI at 0.3, 1.6, 5 and 22 GHz) is observation of ultra-high brightness temperature regions near massive black holes. The RadioAstron project is the only planned Space Science mission which will achieve Micro-Arc Second resolution. At this high angular resolution, the general relativistic effects due to warped space-time structure near the black hole are directly visible (eg. Takahashi 2003, Ap.J. 611:966). The collimation region, where radio jets form, will be studied in fine detail, to test theoretical models of magnetic field structure.

The RadioAstron project has been greatly delayed by political changes in the former Soviet Union, but has risen to become a top science mission of the Russian Space Agency. We summarize the science goals, development plan and opportunities for international collaboration.

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