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Session 19 Cataclysmic Variable Stars
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[19.08] Outburst Energies and Precursors to Outbursts for SS Cyg from AAVSO Data

R.L. Hill (Ball State University), E.O. Waagen (AAVSO)

Observational data was obtained from the AAVSO database for SS Cyg. Individual outbursts were identified. The magnitudes were turned into fluxes. The area of each outburst on a flux time graph should be proportional to the area of the outburst. The area of each outburst was calculated by the trapezoidal rule. The histogram of the outburst areas reveals three types of outbursts. Two of the outburst types appear to be bimodal.

The observations made before each outburst were phased to the beginning of the outburst. The observations for each pre-outburst were averaged according to the phase. The mean of the phased data suggests that on the average SS Cyg brightens shortly before going into outburst.

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