AAS 205th Meeting, 9-13 January 2005
Session 135 Finding and Measuring Exoplanets
Poster, Thursday, January 13, 2005, 9:20am-4:00pm, Exhibit Hall

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[135.14] EXPLORE/OC: Variable Stars in the Southern Galactic Open Cluster NGC 2660

K. von Braun (Carnegie/DTM), B. L. Lee (Univ. of Toronto), S. Seager (Carnegie/DTM), H. K. C. Yee (Univ. of Toronto), G. Mallen-Ornelas (CfA), M. D. Gladders (OCIW)

The EXPLORE/OC Project is a photometric monitoring survey of Galactic southern open clusters (OCs) with the aim to find transiting close-in extrasolar giant planets. A by-product of this search is the discovery of a wide range of different variable stars. Our search for planets in the open cluster NGC 2660 has produced several tens of variables in the field of the OC. In this presentation, we show the light curves of the variable stars, their locations in the field and color-magnitude diagram of the cluster, and give our estimates concerning cluster membership.

If you would like more information about this abstract, please follow the link to http://www.ciw.edu/seager/EXPLORE/open_clusters_survey.htm. This link was provided by the author. When you follow it, you will leave the Web site for this meeting; to return, you should use the Back comand on your browser.

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