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Session 107 Binary Stars Including Theory and Activity
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[107.08] Chandra Observations of the Central Source of R Aqr

J. Nichols, C. Anderson, E. Kellogg, J. DePasquale, J. Sokoloski (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA), J. Pedelty (NASA/GSFC)

Chandra X-ray observations in 2000.7 and 2004.0 of the central source of the R Aqr symbiotic system indicate significant temporal changes in the position and morphology of the emission over the 3.3 year time interval. The hard X-ray emission is primarily due to Fe K, and appears to have become more extended over the time period. The soft emission, below 1 keV, has become fainter and more elongated, suggesting the system is in the process of ejecting another jet. We present spectral fits to both the hard and the soft X-ray emission for both observed epochs, and discuss possible scenarios to explain these temporal changes. We acknowledge the support of NASA research grant G04-5030A and NASA contract NASA8-03060.

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