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Session 57 Atomic Abundances in Interstellar Gas
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[57.03] Deuterium measurements toward WD1034+001, BD+393226, and TD1 32709

C. M. Oliveira, P. Chayer, J. Kruk, H. W. Moos (JHU)

Observations of the D/H ratio in the interstellar medium provide important constraints on Galactic chemical evolution models as well as on the Big Bang nucleosynthesis theory. The behavior of the D/H ratio in the interstellar medium is far from being well understood. D/H seems to have a single value inside the Local Bubble (logN(DI) < 14.5). However, beyond 100 pc there is a wide range of D/H values which are inconsistent with the Local Bubble value.

In order to increase the number of measurements that will allow us to understand this behavior, we present a preliminary analysis of three sightlines located outside the Local Bubble. All three sightlines have log N(DI) > 15. We use data obtained with FUSE, IUE, and HST/GHRS to determine the column densities of many species, including H I, D I, N I, O I, and H2. We derive D/H, N/H, O/H, and D/O ratios which are then compared to values published in the literature.

This work is based on data obtained for the Guaranteed Time Team by the NASA-CNES-CSA FUSE mission operated by The Johns Hopkins University. Financial support to U. S. participants has been provided in part by NASA contract NAS5-32985 to Johns Hopkins University.

The author(s) of this abstract have provided an email address for comments about the abstract: oliveira@pha.jhu.edu

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