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Session 77 Properties of Stars
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[77.03] Boron Benchmarks, Boron Depletion, and the Boron-Beryllium Correlation

A. M. Boesgaard, E. J. McGrath (U. Hawaii), C. P. Deliyannis (Indiana U.)

We have determined the abundance of B in 16 solar-type dwarf stars that are undepleted in Be in order to ascertain the baseline B abundance in the Galactic disk. Both Be and Be show a rise with metallicity from [Fe/H] = -0.5 to +0.2. The slopes of these relationships are near 0.40 ±0.12. The ratio of B/Be for these disk stars is 15, consistent with the predictions of Galactic cosmic ray spallation.

Boron serves as a special probe below the surfaces of stars as it survives to greater depths than either Li or Be. We have found B abundances in 13 stars with large Be depletions to search for B depletions. Both B and Be abundances have been normalized to the initial value at a given metallicity, as found from the baseline abundances discussed above. A correlation has been discovered between Be and B that is similar to the previously discovered correlation between Li and Be. Beryllium is depleted more readily than B, and the slope of the relationship is 0.18 ±0.06.

This work has been supported by HST-GO-08770, HST-GO-09048, and NSF grant AST 00-97945.

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