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[108.25] Science Education with the LSST

S.H. Jacoby (LSSTC), L.M. Khandro, A.M. Larson (UW), D.W. McCarthy (UA), S.M. Pompea (NOAO), M.M. Shara (AMNH)

LSST will create the first true celestial cinematography - a revolution in public access to the changing universe. The challenge will be to take advantage of the unique capabilities of the LSST while presenting the data in ways that are manageable, engaging, and supportive of national science education goals. To prepare for this opportunity for exploration, tools and displays will be developed using current deep-sky multi-color imaging data. Education professionals from LSST partners invite input from interested members of the community. Initial LSST science education priorities include: Fostering authentic student-teacher research projects at all levels, Exploring methods of visualizing the large and changing datasets in science centers, Defining Web-based interfaces and tools for access and interaction with the data, Delivering online instructional materials, and Developing meaningful interactions between LSST scientists and the public.

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