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Session 91 Surveys and Catalogs
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[91.10] Guide Star Catalog version 2.3. Parameters and Comparisons

C. G. Loomis, B. J. McLean, G. R. Greene, R. L. White (STScI)

The Guide Star Catalog 2 (GSC2) is an all sky multi-wavelength, multi-epoch object catalog based on 1 arcsec resolution scans of photographic sky survey plates from the Palomar and UK Schmidt Telescopes. With the inclusion of the red (IIIaE) and blue (IIIaO) survey plates of the National Geographic Society - Palomar Observatory Sky Survey (epoch 1950ís) as well as the intermediate epoch (1980ís) Palomar Quick V (IIaD) survey, proper motion computations have been included in the latest iteration of the GSC2. The GSC2.3 catalog contains positions, multi-bandpass magnitudes, proper motions and classifications for nearly 1 billion objects detected from the digitized Schmidt Plate material. We present parameters and descriptions of this valuable astronomical resource, as well as comparisons to other large astronomical catalogs such as the 2dF QSO survey, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and the UCAC astrometric catalog. We also describe our plans for migrating our large 4 TB database as well as our 200 GB Export catalog into a MS SQLServer database allowing fast access and external catalog comparisons as well as VO-compliant web services.

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