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Session 18 Eclipsing Binaries and Contact Binaries
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[18.11] GU Boo: a New 0.6 Msun Double-Lined, Detached, Eclipsing Binary

M. Lopez-Morales (Carnegie Institution of Washington, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, USA), J. C. Clemens (Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, USA), I. Ribas (Institut d'Estudis Espacials de Catalunya, Spain)

We have found a new 0.6 Msun, double-lined, detached, eclipsing binary, GU Boo, among a sample of new variables from the ROTSE-I database. The system has an apparent magnitude Vph ~ 13.7 (I~ 11.7) and an orbital period of 0.488728 0.000002 days. Its estimated masses and radii are M1 = 0.609 0.008 Msun, M2 = 0.599 0.008 Msun, R1 = 0.610 0.014 Rsun, and R2 = 0.639 0.015 Rsun. The radius of the secondary appears to be too large, what suggests that the system may still be young. The age and metallicity of the binary are not well determined at this point. For its mean surface temperature we have adopted a preliminary value of Teff = 3950 200 K. A comparison of the physical parameters of GU Boo to current low-mass models reveals that all the models underestimate the radii of the stars by at least 10%. This result corroborates the findings on recent studies of the other low-mass binaries YY Gem, CU Cnc, and the newly discovered BW3 V38.

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