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Session 151 Instruments for Small College Observatories
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[151.03] ROVOR: An Update

C. S. Olsen, B. L. Wilson, E. P. Iverson, A. Paget (BYU), P. J. Brown (Penn State), J. Ellsworth, J. Hopper (BYU), J. E. Maxwell (Indiana), J. W. Moody (BYU)

ROVOR (Remote Observatory for Variable Object Research) is a fully automated 0.6 meter Cassegrain telescope to be installed in southern Utah. An undergraduate research project, it is designed to monitor optically variable objects including gamma-ray bursts, variable stars, AGNs, QSOs, and supernovae. All imaging and operations will be controlled through the internet via satellite, with interfacing to the Gamma-ray burst Coordinates Network (GCN) anticipated. Images will be taken using an Apogee AP47p CCD, an Optec Intelligent Filter Wheel, and an Optec Temperature Compensating Focuser. All systems/components, including imaging, webcams, dome controls, and weather station will be controlled and monitored using National Instruments LabVIEW program. Project completion is expected for spring 2005. We present a progress update. This research is sponsored by a BYU undergraduate mentoring grant.

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