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[59.01] SPEAR Far UV Observations of the Interstellar Medium

J. Edelstein, E. J. Korpela, K. Nishikida, J. Kregenow, M. Feuerstein, J. Adolfo (SSL, UC Berkeley), K.W. Min, K.S. Ryu (KAIST), W. Han, D.H. Lee, J.H. Park (KAO), Space Astrophysics Group SPEAR Team, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology FIMS Team, Korea Astronomy Observatory FIMS Team

The Spectroscopy of Plasma Evolution from Astrophysical Radiation (SPEAR) mission has observed far ultraviolet emission from the interstellar medium. Emitting species, such as HeII, CIII, CIV, OIII], OVI, SiIV and OIV, are detected in a variety of interstellar environments, as is molecular hydrogen fluorescence lines. We describe mission results including observations of far UV radiation from supernova remnants, super-bubbles, and the general interstellar medium. SPEAR (also known as FIMS) is the primary payload on STSAT-1 and was launched in late-2003. SPEAR performs spectral imaging of diffuse far-ultraviolet emission (900-1150 Å, 1350-1730 Å, resolution ~ 500) with a large field of view (4.5' x 4.5 deg & 7.5 deg, resolution 10').

The SPEAR UCB effort is funded in part by the NASA Research Carriers Grant NAG5-5335. The STSAT-1 Mission is funded by the Korea Ministry of Science and Technology.

The author(s) of this abstract have provided an email address for comments about the abstract: jerrye@ssl.berkeley.edu

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