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Session 91 Surveys and Catalogs
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[91.03] The 2MASS Extended Mission Data Products

R.M. Cutri (IPAC/Caltech), 2MASS Team

Considerably more data were acquired during primary 2MASS operations than were used to prepare the All-Sky Point and Extended Source Catalogs released in March of 2003. These included repeated scans of selected Tiles to raise the quality of the Survey data, thousands of scans of 1 degree long calibration fields used to derive nightly photometric transformations, and special observations of approximately 500 sq.deg. of sky taken with 6x longer exposures than the main Survey. These additional data have been released as part of the 2MASS Extended Mission.

We describe the 2MASS Ancillary Data Products that complement the highly reliable and uniform All-Sky Catalogs by pushing to the faintest possible flux limits from the Survey, calibration and "6x" observations, and make available multi-epoch measurements in selected regions of the sky. The Ancillary Products include Point and Extended Source Working Databases containing approximately 1.5 billion extractions from all observations, and Image Atlases from all survey data sets. Value-added products include "merged" source information that links and combines the multi-epoch observations of extracted sources, and a set of extremely deep images and extracted source lists formed by combining the thousands of observations of the calibration fields that reach nearly 4 magnitudes beyond the sensitivity of the main 2MASS Survey.

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