AAS 205th Meeting, 9-13 January 2005
Session 63 Spitzer Views on Galaxy Evolution
Poster, Tuesday, January 11, 2005, 9:20am-6:30pm, Exhibit Hall

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[63.03] Deep and Wide Mid-Infrared Source Counts from the Spitzer Wide-Area Infrared Extragalactic (SWIRE) Survey

J.A. Surace (Spitzer Science Center), SWIRE Team

We present mid-infrared source counts at 3.6-8 microns taken with IRAC on-board the Spitzer Space Telescope. The counts are derived from a multi-tiered survey. One tier is shallow but wide (10 square degrees) and uses data acquired as part of the Spitzer Wide Area Infrared Extragalactic (SWIRE) Survey with a limiting depth of 10-40 microJy, depending on wavelength. The second tier is deep and utilizes two sight-lines using data taken as part of the extragalactic First Look Survey (FLS) and IRAC calibration programs and reaches a depth of 0.25-4 microJy. Comparison to galactic and extragalactic source count models, the variation in counts, the relative contribution of different SED types, and estimates of the confusion limit are shown.

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