AAS 205th Meeting, 9-13 January 2005
Session 137 GLIMPSE: First Results
Poster, Thursday, January 13, 2005, 9:20am-4:00pm, Exhibit Hall

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[137.06] Geometrically Realistic YSO Model Grid and Fitter

P. Denzmore (Rice U.), T. Robitaille (U. St. Andrews), B. Whitney (Space Science Institute), R. Indebetouw (U. Virginia), K. Wood (U. St. Andrews), J. Bjorkman (U. Toledo), GLIMPSE Team

We present a grid of geometrically realistic protostar models computed using two- and three-dimensional radiative transfer codes (Whitney et al. 2003a,b,2004b). Galactic Legacy Infrared Mid-Plane Survey Extraordinaire (GLIMPSE) imaging of the giant star formation region RCW-49 has uncovered hundreds of developing protostars and subsequent imaging will undoubtedly reveal thousands more in star formation regions around the Galaxy. Our grid consists of approximately 2000 models for young stellar objects (YSOs) with masses between 0.35 solar masses and 40 solar masses and temperatures ranging from 3500 K to 42000 K. The grid is subdivided according to evolutionary stage (Class 0-Class III) and the models are appropriately configured to include the geometrically significant components for each evolutionary stage (i.e. bipolar cavities, flared accretion disks and infalling envelopes). Also included are models of stars surrounded by ambient molecular cloud densities (both clumpy and smooth). We have developed a companion linear regression model fitter, and present results of the fitter for selected star formation regions. The grid will be instrumental in categorizing YSOs in star formation regions around the Galaxy. The grid and fitter will be publicly available via a website.

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