36th Meeting of the AAS Division for Planetary Sciences
8-12 November 2004, Louisville, KY
  Sunday, Nov. 7 Monday, Nov. 8 Tuesday, Nov. 9
8:30-10:00     1. Cassini at Saturn I
8:30-10:00am, Lewis 
8.  Kuiper Belt II: Binaries and Dynamics
8:30-10:00am, Lewis 
9. Galilean Satellites
8:30-10:00am, Clark
10:00-10:30 Early Career Workshop
10:00am-2:00pm, Rm. 201

Workshops 1-6 pm
Coffee Break Coffee Break
10:30-12:00 2. Cassini at Saturn II
10:30am-12:noon, Lewis 
3. Kuiper Belt I: Observations
10:30am-12:noon, Clark 
10.  Advanced Propulsion
10:30am-12:00noon, Lewis 
  11. Pluto, Triton, and TNO Surfaces
10:30am-12:00noon, Clark 
12:00-1:30 Lunch Lunch:  NSF Town Meeting,
12:00noon-1:30pm, Clark 
1:30-3:00 4. Phoebe & Iapetus 
1:30-3:00pm, Lewis 
5.  Uranus and Neptune
1:30-3:00pm, Clark 
12.  Prize Talks
1:30-4:00pm, Lewis 
3:00-3:30 Break
3:30-4:00 6. Titan I: Surface, Troposphere, etc.
3:30-6:00pm, Clark   
7. Rings
3:30-6:00pm, Lewis 
Posters I        4-7 pm, Exhibition Hall 1A
13. Education
14. Future Missions
15. Icy Satellites
16. Jovian System
17. Kuiper Belt II: Binaries and Dynamics
18. Outer Planets
19. Rings
20. Titan 
Welcome Reception 6:30-10:00pm Louisville Slugger Museum  Public Exhibit Hall Open House 6-8pm
NASA-ESA Public Lecture, 8-10pm, Cascade Ballroom 
Science Policy Night
8:00-10:00pm, Lewis 
  Wednesday, Nov. 10 Thursday, Nov. 11 Friday, Nov. 12
8:30-10:00 Business Meeting
8:30-10:00am, Lewis 
25. Comet Comae II
8:30-10:00am, Clark 
26.  Mars Atmosphere I: Methane and High Altitude
8:30-10:00am, Lewis  
41. Mars Atmosphere II
8:30-10:00am, Lewis 
 42.Extrasolar Planets
8:30-10:00am, Clark
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
10:30-12:00 21.  Comets: Nuclei
10:30-12:00noon, Clark 
  22.  Titan II
10:30-12:00noon, Lewis 
27. Mars Surface and Water I: MER 10:30am-12:00noon, Lewis   28.  Asteroid Physical Properties I
10:30am-12:00noon, Clark
43.  Spitzer
10:30am-12:00noon, Lewis 
44. Origins and Planet Formation: Satellite Formation
10:30am-12:00noon, Clark  
12:00-1:30 Lunch: DPS Status of Women Workshop, 12:00-1:30pm, Rm. 201  Lunch Lunch
1:30-3:00   23. Comet Comae I
1:30-3:00pm, Clark 
   24. Icy Satellites
1:30-3:00pm, Lewis 
29. Genesis Progress Report
1:30-1:45pm, Lewis 
45. Mars Surface and Water II
1:30-3:00pm, Lewis 
46.  Asteroid Physical Properties II
1:30-3:00pm, Clark 
3:00-3:30 Stochastic Processes in Planetary Science (Churchill Downs Banquet)
30. Jupiter and Saturn: Comp., Structure, Dynamics
1:45-4:15pm, Clark 
31. Mars Express
1:45-4:15pm, Lewis 
3:30-4:00 Posters II 4:15-7 pm, Exhibition Hall 1A
32. Asteroids
33. Comets: Comae
34. Comets: Nuclei, Tails, Solar Wind
35. Extrasolar Planets
36. Laboratory Research
37. Mars Atmosphere
38. Mars Surface and Water
39. Mercury, Moon, and Venus
40. Satellite Formation and Origins 
47.  Mars Surface and Dust
3:30-5:00pm, Lewis 
48.  Asteroid Dynamics
3:30-5:00pm, Clark
Fieldtrip to William Marshall Bullitt Collection, Time TBD