36th DPS Meeting, 8-12 November 2004
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 8. Kuiper Belt II: Binaries and Dynamics

Oral, Chairs: K. Noll and L. Allen, Tuesday, November 9, 2004, 8:30-10:00am, Lewis

8.01 The Orbits, Masses, and Albedos of Transneptunian Binaries
K. S. Noll, D. C. Stephens (STScI), W. M. Grundy (Lowell Obs.), D. J. Osip (OCIW), I. Griffin (Mus. Science & Industry)
8.02 A Contact Binary in the Kuiper Belt?
S. S. Sheppard (Carnegie Institution of Washington), D. Jewitt (Univ. of Hawaii)
8.03 HST observations of Kuiper Belt binaries
J. L. Margot (Cornell University), M. E. Brown (Caltech), C. A. Trujillo (Gemini North Observatory), R. Sari (Caltech)
8.04 The Kuiper Belt's luminosity function from mR=22--25.
J-M. Petit (CNRS/Observatoire de Besancon), B. Gladman (UBC), M. Holman (SAO/Harvard CfA), JJ Kavelaars (HIA/NRC), H. Scholl (CNRS/OCA)
8.05 The Extended Scattered Disk: Mapping it...creating it...
B. Gladman, C. Chan, E. Nadal (Univ. of British Columbia, CANADA)
8.06 The Scattered Disk as a Source of Halley-Type Comets
H.F. Levison (SWRI), M.J. Duncan (Queen's U.), L. Dones (SWRI), B. Gladman (UBC)
8.07 The Collisional Evolution of the Trans-Neptunian Object Size Distribution
D. P. O'Brien, R. Greenberg (University of Arizona)
8.08 A Detailed Comparison of Simulations of Neptune's Migration to Observations of the Kuiper Belt
J.M. Hahn (Saint Mary's Univ.), R. Malhotra (Univ. of Arizona)
8.09 Torques on Sedna by a Putative Massive Body in the Oort Cloud
J. J. Matese (University of Louisiana at Lafayette), J. J. Lissauer (NASA ARC)

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