36th DPS Meeting, 8-12 November 2004
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 7. Rings

Oral, Chairs: C. Porco and D. Hamilton, Monday, November 8, 2004, 3:30-6:00pm, Lewis

7.01 Waves, Wisps, Wakes, Kinks, and Other Ring Features Observed in the Cassini SOI Imaging Sequence
C. C. Porco (Space Science Inst.), L. Dones (SWRI), J.N. Spitale, E. Baker (Space Science Inst.), C.D. Murray (Queen Mary U. London, UK), A. Brahic (CEA Saclay), J.A. Burns (Cornell), Cassini Imaging Team
7.02 New Structures Observed in Cassini SOI Images of Saturn's Main Rings
E. J. Baker, C.C. Porco, J. N. Spitale (Space Science Inst.), C. D. Murray (Queen Mary University of London, UK), Cassini Imaging Team
7.03 Cassini ISS observations of Saturn's F ring region
C.D. Murray (QMUL), J.A. Burns (Cornell), K. Beurle, N. Cooper, M.W. Evans (QMUL), C.C. Porco (SSI), L. Dones (SWRI), A. Brahic (Saclay), J. Spitale (SSI), Cassini Imaging Team
7.04 Chaos in the F Ring
N.J. Rappaport (JPL), P. Goldreich (Caltech)
7.05 Cassini-VIMS Observations of Saturn's Rings at SOI
P. D. Nicholson (Cornell), R. N. Clark (USGS), D. P. Cruikshank, M. R. Showalter (NASA Ames), B. Sicardy (Obs. de Paris), Cassini VIMS Team
7.06 Cassini CIRS: Early Results from Saturn Orbit Insertion Ring Observations
L. J. Spilker, S. H. Pilorz (JPL/Caltech), C. Ferrari (CEA Saclay/Univ. Paris 7), B. D. Wallis (JPL/Caltech), F. M. Flasar, J. C. Pearl (GSFC), M. R. Showalter (Stanford), S. M. Brooks, S. G. Edgington (JPL/Caltech), R. K. Achterberg (SSAI), C. A. Nixon (Univ. of Maryland), Cassini CIRS Team
7.07 Spin and thermal properties of Saturn's C ring particles
C. Leyrat, C. Ferrari, S. Charnoz (University Paris 7 and Sap/DAPNIA/DSM/CEA Saclay), L. Spilker (JPL/Caltech)
7.08 Cassini SOI Radio Occultation of Saturn's Rings
E. Marouf (San Jose State University), R. French (Wellesley College), N. Rappaport (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), F. Thomson (Stanford University), C. McGhee (Wellesley College), S. Asmar, D. Johnston (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
7.09 Occultation of Xi Ceti by Saturn's Rings
J. E. Colwell, L. W. Esposito (LASP, Univ. of Colo.)
7.10 Saturn's Rings, the Yarkovsky Effects, and the Ring of Fire
D.P. Rubincam (NASA/GSFC)
7.11 Groundbased near-IR spectroscopy of Jupiter's main ring
M.H. Wong, I. de Pater (UC Berkeley), H.G. Roe (Caltech), M.R. Showalter (Stanford University)
7.12 Highly Inclined Orbits in Thebe's Gossamer Ring
D.P. Hamilton (U. Maryland), H. Krüger (MPI Aeronomie)
7.13 Uranian Rings, Arcs, and Moons: New Results from HST
M. R. Showalter (Stanford), J. J. Lissauer (NASA Ames)
7.14 Neutral Gas Distribution in the E-Ring Region of Saturn's Magnetosphere Inferred from Energetic Neutral Atom Imaging
J. Saur, P. Brandt, E.C. Roelof, D.G. Mitchell, B.H. Mauk, S.M. Krimigis (JHU/APL)
7.15 The Production and Redistribution of Oxygen in Saturn's Magnetosphere: CAPS Cassini Data
R.E. Johnson (U.Virgininia), E.C. Sittler (GSFC), F.J. Crary (SWRI), R.L. Tokar (LANL), D. Reisenfeld (U. Montana), T.W. Hill (Rice U.), D.T. Young (SWRI), M.H. Burger (U. Virginia), V.I. Shematovich (Inst. Asatronomy Moscow.), H.T. Smith, M. Michael (U. Virginia), S. Jurac, J.D. Richardson (MIT), R.A. Baragiola (U. Virginia), CAPS Cassini Team

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