36th DPS Meeting, 8-12 November 2004
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 6. Titan I: Surface, Troposphere, etc.

Oral, Chairs: C. Griffith and R. Nelson, Monday, November 8, 2004, 3:30-6:00pm, Clark

6.01 Cassini ISS observations of the surface of Titan
E.P. Turtle, A.S. McEwen, J. Perry, S. Campbell, D.D. Dawson (Univ. of Arizona), R.A. West, T.V. Johnson (JPL), C.C. Porco (Space Sci. Inst.), Cassini ISS Team
6.02 Titan's Surface Composition from the Cassini Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (VIMS) Investigation
T. B. McCord (Univ. of HI HIGP, and Planet. Sci. Inst.), C. A. Griffith (Univ. of Az.), G. B. Hansen (Planet. Sci. Inst.), J. I. Lunine (Univ. of Az.), K. H. Baines (Jet Prop. Lab.), R. H. Brown (Univ. of Az.), B. Buratti (Jet Prop. Lab.), R. N. Clark (USGS Denver), D. P. Cruikshank (NASA Ames Res. Center), G. Filacchione (Inst. Fisica Spazio CNR), R. Jaumann (DLR-Inst. fur Planet.), C. A. Hibbitts (Planet. Sci. Inst.), C. Sotine (Univ. of Nantes), Cassini VIMS Team
6.03 First Mapping of Titan with the Cassini RADAR Radiometer
M. A. Janssen (JPL, Caltech), R. Lorenz (LPL, U Arizona), C. Elachi, Y. Z. Anderson, R. A. Boehmer, Y. Gim, W. T. K. Johnson, K. D. Kelleher, R. M. Lopes, L. E. Roth, S. D. Wall, R. D. West (JPL, Caltech)
6.04 Radio Wavelength Observations of Titan with the VLA
B.J. Butler (NRAO), M.A. Gurwell (CfA)
6.05 VIMS Evidence for Palimpsests on Titan Suggests Limits on Widespread Precipitation.
R.M. Nelson (JPL), R.H. Brown (U of Arizona), B. W. Hapke (U of Pittsburgh), W. D. Smythe, L. Kamp (JPL), M. Boryta (Mt. San Antonio College), K. H. Baines (JPL), G. Bellucci (Inst. Di Astrofisica Spaziale), J. P. Bibring (U. Paris Sud-Orsay), B. J. Buratti (JPL), F. Capaccioni, P. Cerroni (Inst. Di Astrofisica Spaziale), R. N. Clark (USGS Denver), A. Coradini (Inst. Di Astrofisica Spaziale), D.P. Cruikshank (NASA Ames), P. Drossart (Obs. de Paris-Meudon), V. Formisano (Inst. Di Astrofisica Spaziale), R. Jaumann (DLR), Y. Langevin (U. Paris Sud-Orsay), D. L. Matson (JPL), T. B. McCord (U. of Hawaii), V. Menella (Obs. Astron. Capodimonte), P.D. Nicholson (Cornell U.), B. Sicardy (Obs. de Paris-Meudon), C. Sotin (U. Nantes)
6.06 Characteristics of Titan's Clouds from VIMS T0 Observations
C. A. Griffith (University of Arizona), K. H. Baines, B. Buratti (JPL), R. N. Clark (US Geological Survey), P. Drossart (Observatoire de Paris), T. C. Owen (University of Hawaii), R. M. Nelson (JPL), Cassini VIMS Team
6.07 Discovery of temperate latitude clouds on Titan
H.G. Roe, E.L. Schaller, M.E. Brown (Caltech), C.A. Trujillo (Gemini Observatory), A.H. Bouchez (W.M. Keck Observatory)
6.08 Condensate Clouds in Titan's North Polar Stratosphere
L. Mayo (Raytheon ITSS), R. Samuelson (Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland)
6.09 Continuous Monitoring of Titan for Large Cloud Outbursts
E.L. Schaller, M.E. Brown (Caltech), A.H. Bouchez (Keck Observatory), H.G. Roe (Caltech), C.A. Trujillo (Gemini Observatory)
6.10 Not So Titanic Winds: Cassini/VIMS Observations of Cloud Features in the Southern Hemisphere of Titan
T.W. Momary, K.H. Baines, B.J. Buratti (Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech), C. Griffith, R.H. Brown (University of Arizona, Lunar and Planetary Lab), R. Jaumann (Institute for Planetary Exploration, DLR), P. Drossart (Observatoire de Paris, Meudon), Cassini VIMS Team
6.11 New measurements of zonal winds on Titan from mm Interferometry
R. Moreno, A. Marten (LESIA, Obs. Paris)
6.12 New Measurements of Titan Winds and More
T. Kostiuk (GSFC), T. A. Livengood (Challenger Ctr.), T. Hewagama, K. E. Fast (U.MD/GSFC), G. Sonnabend (NAS NRC/GSFC), J. Annen, D. Buhl (GSFC), F. Schmülling (U. Cologne), K. Murakawa (Subaru/NAOJ), A. Tokunaga (U.HI)
6.13 A First Look at Plasma in Titan's Ionosphere: Initial Cassini/CAPS Results
F.J. Crary, D. T. Young (Southwest Research Institute), A. J. Coates (Mullard Space Science Laboratory), R. A. Baragiola (University of Virginia), B. L. Barraclough (Los Alamos National Laboratory), J-J. Berthelier (Centre d'etude des Environnements Terrestre et Planetaires), J. L. Gosling (Los Alamos National Laboratory), T. W. Hill (Rice University), R. E. Johnson (University of Virginia), D. J. McComas (Southwest Research Institute), M. Michael (University of Virginia), D. Reisenfeld (University of Montana), A Rymer (Mullard Space Science Laboratory), E. C. Sittler (Goddard Space Flight Center), J. T. Steinberg (Los Alamos National Laboratory), K. R. Svenes (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment), K. Szego (KFKI Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics), J. Vilppola (University of Oulu), CAPS Team
6.14 Characteristics of Pickup Ions in Titan’s Upper Atmosphere and Escape of Nitrogen
M. Michael, R.E. Johnson (University of Virginia, Charlottesvile, VA, USA), S.A. Ledvina (University of California, Berkely, USA.)

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