36th DPS Meeting, 8-12 November 2004
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 41. Mars Atmosphere II

Oral, Chairs: M. Colaprete and L. Tamppari, Friday, November 12, 2004, 8:30-10:00am, Lewis

41.01 Oxidant Enhancement in the Martian dust devils and Storms: I. Storm electric fields and electron dissociative attachment
G. T. Delory (U. C. Berkeley), W. M. Farrell (NASA/GSFC), D. D. Sentman (U. Alaska), N. O. Renno, S. K. Atreya, A.-S. Wong (U. Michigan), S. A. Cummer (Duke U.), J. R. Marshall (SETI Inst.), S. C. R. Rafkin (SWRI), D. Catling (U. Washington)
41.02 Oxidant Enhancement In Martian Dust Devils And Storms: II. Electrochemistry And Oxidant Production
S. K. Atreya, A. S. Wong, N. O. Renno (U. Michigan), W. M. Farrell (GSFC), G. T. Delory (UC Berkeley), D. Sentman (U. Alaska), S. Cummer (Duke U.), J. Marshall (SETI), S. Rafkin (SWRI), D. Catling (U. Washington)
41.03 Role of Surface Topography in the Collapse of the Martian Atmosphere at Low Obliquity
J. W. Head, M. A. Kreslavsky (Brown University)
41.04 Transport of Water Ice to the Martian South Pole 25,000 years ago
F. Montmessin, R. M. Haberle (NASA Ames Research Center), F. Forget (LMD/IPSL)
41.05 The Effect of Ground Ice on the CO2 Cycle on Mars
R.M. Haberle, F. Montmessin, A. Colaprete (NASA Ames), F. Forget (Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique), J. Schaeffer (QSSS Raytheon)
41.06 Mesoscale simulations of water ice clouds in the Tharsis region of Mars
A. Colaprete (NASA Ames), T. I. Michaels, S. C. R. Rafkin (SWRI)
41.07 Sensitivity of a coupled dust and water cycle in the Ames General Circulation Model
S. Nelli, J. Murphy (New Mexico State University), F. Montmessin, A. Colaprete, R. Haberle, J. Schaeffer (NASA-Ames)
41.08 Analysis of the 2001 Global Dust Storm With a Mars General Circulation Model
J. Gawrych (San Jose State University), R. M. Haberle (NASA Ames Research Center), M. Malin, B. Cantor (Malin Space Science Systems), M. D. Smith (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
41.09 Comparison of Wind Directions Observed on Mars with those Predicted by the NASA Ames Mars General Circulation Model
S.E. Acevedo (SETI Institute), R.M. Haberle (NASA Ames), J. Schaeffer (QSSS Raytheon), S.E. Wood (Univ. Washington), S. McGhee (Foothill College)

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