36th DPS Meeting, 8-12 November 2004
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 40. Satellite Formation and Origins

Poster II, Thursday, November 11, 2004, 4:15-7:00pm, Exhibition Hall 1A

40.01 Jupiter's Formation: Hold the Ice but Add the Tar
K. Lodders (Planetary Chemistry Laboratory, Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences and McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences, Washington University)
40.02 Runaway Growth and Isolation of Planetary Embryos
S. J. Weidenschilling (Planetary Science Institute), F. Marzari (Universita di Padova), D. R. Davis (Planetary Science Institute)
40.03 The capture of Jupiter Trojans during the passage of Jupiter and Saturn through their mutual 1:2 mean motion resonance
A. Morbidelli (OCA, Nice, France), H. F. Levison (SWRI/OCA), K. Tsiganis (OCA), R. Gomes (ON/OCA)
40.04 A Delayed Planetary Migration may have caused the Lunar Heavy Bombardment
R. Gomes (Observatorio Nacional/Valongo - Brazil), A. Morbidelli, K. Tsiganis (Obsevatoire de la Cote d'Azur), H. Levison (Southwest Research Institute)
40.05 Evolution of protoplanetary disks: Constraints from DM Tau and GM Aur
R. Hueso (Universidad del Pas Vasco), T. Guillot (Observatoire de la Cte d'Azur)
40.06 The Effective Strength of Accreted Planetary Bodies
J. Kadish, J.R. Barber, D.J. Scheeres, P.D. Washabaugh (Univ. of Mich.)
40.07 Hydrodynamic Escape from Hydrogen Rich Atmospheres
C. D. Parkinson, M. I. Richardson, D. J. Hill (California Institute of Technology)
40.08 An Observational Upper Limit on the Number-Density of Interstellar Comets
B. Meinke (UC Berkeley), R. Jedicke (IfA, U. Hawaii), J. A. Larsen (LPL, U. Arizona)
40.09 Organic Synthesis and Potential Microbiology in the Solar Nebula: Are Early Solar Systems Nurseries for Microorganisms?
M. N. Mautner, Y. Ibrahim, M. S. El-Shall (Dept. of Chemistry, Virginia Commonwealth University)
40.10 Primordial Cratering Regimes on Planets
W. K. Hartmann (PSI)
40.11 Thermodynamical conditions and migration of proto-satellites in the Jovian subnebula
Y. Alibert, O. Mousis (University of Bern)
40.12 Composition of the Jovian regular icy satellites
O. Mousis, Y. Alibert (University of Bern)
40.13 Phoebe and the Icy Saturnian Satellites: Implications for Satellite Origins
I. Mosqueira (NASA Ames/SETI Institute), P. R. Estrada (NASA Ames)
40.14 Satellite Capture via Binary Exchange Reactions: Application to Triton
C.B. Agnor (U.C. Santa Cruz), D.P. Hamilton (U. Maryland)
40.15 What Use Callisto?
W.B. McKinnon (Washington Univ., Saint Louis)

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