36th DPS Meeting, 8-12 November 2004
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 18. Outer Planets

Poster I, Tuesday, November 9, 2004, 4:00-7:00pm, Exhibition Hall 1A

18.01 Long Term Changes in the Reflectivity of Uranus
R. W. Schmude, Jr. (Gordon College)
18.02 Keck 2 AO Observations of Neptune in 2003 and 2004.
P. M. Fry (University of Wisonsin - Madison), L. A. Sromovsky (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
18.03 Search for Cyclopropenyl Ion Emissions in the Jovian Aurorae with IRTF/CSHELL Observations
K. D. Retherford, G. R. Gladstone, E. F. Young (Southwest Research Institute)
18.04 Chandra X-ray Observations of Jovian Low-latitude Emissions: Morphological, Temporal, and Spectral Characteristics
A. Bhardwaj, R.F. Elsner (NASA MSFC), G.R. Gladstone (SWRI), T.E. Cravens (U. Kansas), J.H. Waite, Jr. (U. Michigan), G. Branduardi-Raymont (MSSL/UCL), P. Ford (MIT)
18.05 Resonant Structures Formed in a Deep Stable Layer in Jupiter
A.J. Friedson (JPL/Caltech)
18.06 Numerical simulations of Jupiterís vortices
J. Legarreta, A. Sánchez-Lavega (UPV-EHU, Spain)
18.07 The Relationship between Eddies and Zonal Flow on Jupiter: Results from the Cassini Flyby
C. Salyk, S. Ewald, A.P. Ingersoll (California Institute of Technology), J. Lorre, A. Vasavada (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
18.08 Life Cycles of Spots on Jupiter from Cassini Images
A. P. Ingersoll, L. Li (Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences, California Institute of Technology)
18.09 Modeling the Interaction of Moist Convection with the Zonal Jets of Jupiter
L. Li, A. P. Ingersoll (Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences,)
18.10 Vertical Discrimination in the Zonal Wind Speeds of Jupiter and Saturn
T. Tavenner, N. Chanover, J. Murphy, J. Norwood (NMSU), L.C. Roberts (AMOS-The Boeing Company)
18.11 Cloud and Wind Variability in Saturnís Equatorial Jet prior to the Cassini orbital tour
A. Sánchez-Lavega, S. Pérez-Hoyos, R. Hueso, J. F. Rojas (Univ. Pais Vasco (Spain)), R. G. French (Wellesley College (USA))
18.12 Latitudinal Variation in Vertical Cloud Structure of Saturn
T. Temma, N. Chanover (New Mexico State University), A. Simon-Miller, D. Glenar (NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center), J. Hillman (University of Maryland), D. Kuehn (Pittsburg State University)
18.13 Vertical Structure Modeling of Saturnís Upper Atmosphere from Narrowband Near-Infrared Imaging
D.M. Kuehn, K.D. Scarborough (Physics - Pittsburg State Univ.), N.J. Chanover (Astronomy - New Mexico State Univ.)
18.14 Seasonal/Latitudinal Models of Stratospheric Photochemistry on Saturn
J. I. Moses, T. K. Greathouse (LPI)
18.15 The state of Saturn's stratosphere in 2002: Latitudinal variations of temperature, winds, and abundances of C2H2 and C2H6 between 10 and 0.01 mbar.
T.K. Greathouse (Lunar and Planetary Institute), J. H. Lacy (University of Texas at Austin), J. I. Moses (Lunar and Planetary Institute), B. Bézard (Observatoire de Paris), C. A. Griffith (Lunar and Planetary Laboratory), M. J. Richter (University of California, Davis)
18.16 Calibration of the IRTF-Galileo Support Dataset
M.B. Vincent, N.J. Chanover, R.F. Beebe (New Mexico State University)
18.17 A Behaviour of the Methane-Ammonia Absorption Bands on Jupiter in 2004
V.G. Tejfel, A.M. Karimov (Fessenkov Astrophysical Institute)
18.18 Absorption Spectra for the 889 nm Band of Methane derived from Intracavity Laser Spectroscopy Measurements made as a Function of Low Sample Temperatures
J. J. O'Brien, S. Shaji (University of Missouri-St. Louis)
18.19 Simulations of the Cassini Radio Occultation Experiments for the Atmosphere of Saturn Based on Recent Laboratory Measurements
P. N. Mohammed, P. G. Steffes (Georgia Institute of Technology)
18.20 Modeling of Saturn's Inner Plasmasphere: Predictions for Cassini
L.E. Moore, M. Mendillo (Boston University)
18.21 Oxygen-bearing Compounds in Saturn's Southern Hemisphere from Cassini CIRS
A. A. Simon-Miller, G. Bjoraker (NASA GSFC), G. S. Orton (JPL), R. K. Achterberg (SSAI), B. J. Conrath (Cornell), D. Jennings (NASA GSFC), Cassini CIRS Team
18.22 The Outer Magnetosphere of Saturn during Cassini Orbit Insertion
N. Achilleos, C. Bertucci, M. K. Dougherty (Imperial College), M. Burton (NASA JPL), Cassini Magnetometer Team
18.23 Saturn's Internal Magnetic Field
G Giampieri, M.K. Dougherty (Imperial College London), C.T. Russell (UCLA), E.J. Smith (NASA/JPL)
18.24 Nitrogen In Saturnís Inner Magnetosphere
H. T. Smith (Univ. of Virginia), E. C. Sittler (NASA GSFC), R. E. Johnson (Univ. of Virginia), D. McComas (Southwest Research Institute), D. Reisenfeld (Univ. of Montana), M. Shappirio (NASA GSFC), M. Michael (Univ. of Virginia), V.I. Shematovich (Inst. of Astronomy, RAS), R. A. Baragiola (Univ. of Virginia), F. Crary, D. Young (Southwest Research Institute)
18.25 Advances in Multiple Phase Screen Simulation of Thick Atmosphere Radio Occultation
C. S. Han, G. L. Tyler (Stanford University)
18.26 On the Isotopic Fractionation of Ammonia upon Condensation in the Jovian Atmosphere
K. S. Kalogerakis (SRI International), E. R. Wouters (Thermo Electron Corporation), R. T. Meharchand (Florida State University)
18.27 Cassini Initial Results: Ion Cyclotron Waves in the Inner Saturn Magnetosphere
J.S. Leisner, C.T. Russell (University of California, Los Angeles, CA), M. Dougherty (Imperial College London, UK)
18.28 Preliminary Results on Saturn's Inner Plasma Sheet as Observed by Cassini: Comparison with Voyager
E.C. Sittler (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), R.E. Johnson, H.T. Smith (University of Virginia), D. Chornay, M.D. Shappirio, D Simpson (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), A.J. Coates (Mullard Labs), F. Crary, D.J. McComas, D.T. Young (Southwest Research Institute), M. Thomsen (Los Alamos National Labs), D. Reisenfeld (University of Montana), T.W. Hill (Rice University), M. Dougherty (Imperial College, UK), N. Andre (CESR, France), J.E.P. Connerney (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), J.D. Richardson (MIT, MA), A.M. Rymer (Mullard Space Flight Center)

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