36th DPS Meeting, 8-12 November 2004
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[14.21] JMEX: The Jupiter Magnetospheric Explorer

N.M. Schneider (LASP, U. Colorado), JMEX Team

The Jupiter Magnetospheric Explorer -- an Earth-orbiting observatory for Jupiter-Io studies -- is completing its Phase A study in NASA's Small Explorer program. JMEX will conduct an unprecedented global study of Jupiterís dynamic magnetosphere, allowing an in-depth comparison with Earthís magnetosphere. Its instruments offer imaging and spectroscopy of the UV emissions from Jupiterís aurora, Ioís atmosphere, and the plasma torus. Just as long-term, global observations of the Earthís aurora and the solar wind-driven magnetosphere have revealed the workings of the terrestrial magnetosphere, continuous observations of Jupiterís UV emissions will reveal the nature, variability, and interrelationships of the underlying Jovian plasma processes. Quantitative comparison of plasma processes in the giant, rotation-dominated magnetosphere of Jupiter with that of Earth extends and tests our understanding of Sun-Earth Connections. JMEX furthers comparative magnetospheres without leaving Earth orbit.

JMEX is one of five missions competing for two launch opportunities in NASA's Small Explorer program. The missions are completing their NASA-funded Phase A Studies, and downselection is expected in November 2004. JMEX will launch in 2008 at a total mission cost of $120M. In addition to its scientific goals, JMEX will also demonstrate a new approach to high-resolution imaging in low-cost missions.

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