8th HEAD Meeting, 8-11 September 2004
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All findings are embargoed until the time of presentation at the meeting.

Session 4. Jets and Blazars

Poster, Wednesday, September 8, 2004, 9:00am-10:00pm, La Nouvelle Orleans Room

4.01 RXTE and INTEGRAL Observations of a Large Variation in Flux from Cen A
R.E. Rothschild (CASS/UCSD), J. Wilms (U of Warwick), S. Benlloch, R. Staubert (IAAT), W. Collmar (MPE), G.M. Madejski (Stanford), H. Khandrika (LJHS)
4.02 Non-stationary variability in AGN: the case of 3C 390.3
M. Gliozzi (GMU, Dept of Physics and Astronomy), I.E. Papadakis (University of Crete, Physics Department), R.M. Sambruna (GMU, Dept of Physics and Astronomy), M. Eracleous (The Pennsylvania State University, Dept of Physics and Astronomy)
4.03 Whipple 10m Telescope Observations of Potential TeV Gamma-Ray Sources Found by the Tibet Air Shower Array
G.P. Walker (University of Utah), VERITAS Collaboration
4.04 Long Timescale Variability of Known TeV Emitting BL Lacs Using the Whipple Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope
A. D. Falcone (Purdue University), VERITAS Collaboration
4.05 Gamma-ray Observations of AGN with STACEE
J.E. Carson, J. Ball (UCLA), L.M. Boone (College of Wooster), D. Bramel (Columbia U.), C.E. Covault, D. Driscoll (CWRU), P. Fortin, G. Gauthier (McGill U.), D.M. Gingrich (U. of Alberta), D. Hanna (McGill U.), A. Jarvis (UCLA), J. Kildea, T. Lindner, C. Mueller (McGill U.), R. Mukherjee (Barnard College), R.A. Ong (UCLA), K.J. Ragan (McGill U.), R.A. Scalzo (LBNL), D.A. Williams (UCSC), J. Zweerink (UCLA)
4.06 A jet is a jet, big or small: Making the connection between accretion and ejection
S. Heinz (MIT), A. Merloni, T. DiMatteo, R. Sunyaev (Max-Planck-Institute for Astrophysics)
4.07 Multi-Wavelength Observations of Mrk 421
M. K. Blazejowski (Purdue), VERITAS Collaboration, Large Multiwavelength Team
4.08 Structure, Spectra, and Flaring in the M87 Jet
D. E. Harris (SAO), C. C. Cheung (SAO and Brandeis), J. A. Biretta (STSci), W Junor (LANL), E. S. Perlman (U. Maryland), W. B. Sparks (STSci), A. S. Wilson (U. Maryland)
4.09 Evidence for New Unidentified TeV \gamma -ray Sources from Directionally-Correlated Sky Fluctuations observed by Northern Sky Surveys by the Milagro Observatory and the Tibet Air Shower Array
D. B. Kieda, G. Walker, R. Atkins (University of Utah Department of Physics)
4.10 Multiwavelength Observations of 3C66A in 2003
M. Boettcher, M. Joshi (Ohio University), G. Fossati, I. A. Smith (Rice University), R. Mukherjee, D. Bramel (Columbia University), W. Cui (Purdue University), WEBT Collaboration
4.11 Investigating the nature of relativistic jets by studying the demographics of Blazars: the FIRST Flat Spectrum Sample
G. Fossati (Rice University), S. Laurent-Muehleisen (UC Davis), C.M. Urry (Yale University)
4.12 The X-ray/Radio Structure of the Jet and Inner Lobes of Centaurus A
R. P. Kraft, W. R. Forman (CfA), M. J. Hardcastle (University of Bristol), C. Jones, S. S. Murray (CfA), D. M. Worrall (University of Bristol)
4.13 Status of the VERITAS ground based GeV/TeV Gamma-Ray Observatory
D. B. Kieda (University of Utah Department of Physics), VERITAS Collaboration
4.14 Determining the Macroscopic Properties of Relativistic Jets
P.E. Hardee (U. Alabama)
4.15 An X-ray View of WLRGs/LINERs
A. S. Rinn, R. M. Sambruna, M. Gliozzi (George Mason University, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy)
4.16 Chandra and XMM-Newton Observations of the nuclei of FR I radio galaxies in the 3CR and B2 catalogs
D. Donato (GMU, School of Computational Sciences), M. Gliozzi, R.M. Sambruna (GMU, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy)
4.17 The Halo, Hot Spots and Jet / Cloud Interaction of PKS 2153--69
A.J. Young (MIT), A.S. Wilson (UMd), S.J. Tingay (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia), S. Heinz (MIT)
4.18 The Discovery of Extended Thermal X-ray Emission from PKS 2152-699: Evidence for a `Jet-cloud' Interaction
C. Ly (Steward Obs/U. Arizona), D. S. De Young (NOAO), J. Bechtold (Steward Obs/U. Arizona)
4.19 HST and Chandra Observations of the Jets of PKS 0208-512 and PKS 1202-262
E. S. Perlman (JCA/UMBC), H. L. Marshall (MIT), D. A. Schwartz (CfA), M. Georganopoulos (JCA/UMBC), J. Gelbord (MIT), J. E. J. Lovell (ATNF/CSIRO), D. Worrall, M. Birkinshaw (U. Bristol), D. W. Murphy (JPL), D. L. Jauncey (CSIRO)
4.20 Chandra and XMM-Newton Observations of 3CRR Radio Galaxies
D.A. Evans, D.M. Worrall, M. Birkinshaw, M.J. Hardcastle, O. Shorttle (University of Bristol)
4.21 Polarization and structure of relativistic parsec-scale AGN jets
M. Lyutikov (KIPAC, UBC), V. Pariev (University of Rochester), D. Gabuzda (Cork University)
4.22 Electromagnetic Models of Relativistic Outflows
R. D. Blandford, M. Lyutikov (KIPAC, Stanford)
4.23 A Chandra Snapshot Survey of Radio-Loud Quasars at High Redshift
L. A. Lopez, W. N. Brandt, D. P. Schneider (Penn State), C. Vignali (INAF), G. P. Garmire (Penn State)
4.24 Intensive TeV Gamma-Ray and X-Ray Observations of the Blazar Mrk 421 in December 2002 and January 2003
P.F. Rebillot, S.B. Hughes (Washington University, St. Louis), M. Aller, H. Aller (University of Michigan), P. Boltwood (Boltwood Observatory, Ontario, Canada), D. Kranich (University of California, Davis, Department of Physics), J. McEnery (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center), A. Sillanpaa (University of Turku, Vaisala,Institute for Space Physics and Astronomy), A. Sadun (University of Denver), VERITAS Collaboration
4.25 Long Term Spectral Properties of Blazars in the Gamma-ray Region
G. Nandikotkur (University of Maryland, College Park)
4.26 Optical Detections of the Radio Hotspots in Three Powerful 3CR Quasars
C.C. Cheung (Brandeis and Harvard-CfA), J.F.C. Wardle, T. Chen (Brandeis)
4.27 The X-ray Spectral Properties of the z=3.91 BAL Quasar APM08279+5255
C. Zheng, M. Masao Sako, R. Blandford (KIPAC/Stanford University)
4.28 A publicly available SSC+EC code.
M. Georganopoulos (JCA/UMBC, NASA/GSFC), E. S. Perlman (JCA/UMBC), D. Kazanas (NASA/GSFC), B. Wingert (JCA/UMBC), R. Castro (U. Metropolitana, Puerto Rico)

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