8th HEAD Meeting, 8-11 September, 2004
Session 15 Black Holes Binaries and Intermediate Mass Black Holes
Poster, Thursday, September 9, 2004, 9:00am-10:00pm

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[15.01] Integral-IBIS gamma ray sky view with particular regard to weak BHC

P. Ubertini (Istituto di Astrofisica Spaziale e Fisica Cosmica), IBIS Team

This work will present the IBIS view on the soft gamma ray sky, with particular regard to spectral and time behaviour of black hole candidates. In the latter case wide band spectral data have been collected with all the high energy instruments on boar the Integral gamma ray observatory (IBIS, SPI and Jem-X).

This work in part of the long term monitoring programme of different classes of galactic sources started since bthe beginning of the Integral operativity. The basic data set used belongs to the Galactic Plane Scan (GPS) and Galactic Centre Deep Exposure (GCDE) Core Programme observation.

We will address in particular the behaviour of 1E1740.7-294, IGR J17464-3213, XTE1720-318 and Cyg X1.

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